Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humble Pie or...

Chop Suey and Dancing?

Yesterday I made an observation. I was playing golf with a woman that I am excited to get to know. She has just recently given up a high powered CFO job in a large company. I don't know the full story of her leaving, but it really doesn't matter. The remarkable thing about her is that she isn't afraid to brag a little. Not a lot, but she is vocal about her accomplishements and her intentions. She is not afraid to say - Hey, I did this great thing yesterday. It isn't in a braggart kind of way, just a little toot of the horn. Done in a way that we all feel comfortable with and can cheer her success. The key here is that she is not afraid.

I've always chosen the Humble Pie approach. I have always chosen not tooting my own horn, not sharing my accomplishments. I've decided its time for a change. Now...I'm not going to the opposite extreme to braggart. No one likes a braggart. However, I do think it is healthy to share accomplishments no matter how small they seem. A little toot of the horn. Try it, see how it feels. Say it out loud even if its to the dog. Choose Chop Suey and Dancing.

What would you like to brag about today? Start here.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. I have a friend that radiates so much confidence and is not at all shy to tell people about her accomplishments. I love this about her, because she toots her own horn and feels proud of herself. It is not at all my style, but I know I would benefit from doing it more. Who else is going to do it for me otherwise?
    I would like to brag about my willingness to look within and to understand myself in this world.
    You have a gorgeous blog.
    Love from Eva

  2. Yes! and we should encourage each other to say positive things about ourselves, rather that react with scorn. I'd like to brag that, although I'm not posting often to my blog, I'm proud of my blog and I like what it says about me.

  3. Great post! I love the photo too...I can relate to this as well. I'd like to say that I am proud of my job and that I can make a small difference in a student's life. It does feel good to say it or write it!!!


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