Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sunday Creative word prompt - Nothing

The sun warmed her skin. The waves lapped upon the beach. The sand felt damp and cool beneath her feet. She strolled along the seaside letting every moment seep into her soul. The breeze was warm and carried the fragrance of plumaria. She loved the islands. It was like Heaven to be walking the beach. "Why did I wait so long to come here?", she thought. This vacation was long over due. She made her way up the beachside stairs and walked across the grass to the cabana on the bluff. The view of the ocean before her was breath-taking. The curtains of the cabana swayed in the gentle breeze. She was met by a handsome cabana boy who offered her a cold drink. She settled into the striped towel on the lounge facing the ocean. Closing her eyes, she swirled the straw in her glass and took a deep refreshing sip. She breathed a gentle sigh and thought "This is like a dream".

"Hey, what are you thinking?" he said.. "You seem so far away". She was jolted by his voice. Her eyes darted around the conference table at the others in the room. "Oh, Nothing... " she said with a smile.

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  1. another lovely extract that makes me want to read more! what a great shot and words for the prompt!

  2. That is a very heavy "nothing"! Great always!


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