Monday, September 20, 2010

20 September

Mornings are my favorite. It is really "my time". I have to share it a bit, just for a while... then its my own. I write in my journal and I sit quietly and relax before the day really begins. Then... off and running.

Today I had an awesome synchronicity experience. I don't know if you believe in that or not. I was thinking of joining a class - a pilates class. One of my latest thoughts has been that I really need to gain some core strength back and no time better than the present to get started. No more excuses - just get signed up and go.

So I had gotten as far as looking into it. What studio do I attend? I had found one that looked good, was fairly close and somewhat affordable. I even actually was in the process of roping a friend in to joining me for the classes. But, that's all the farther I had gotten - a little stalled, but good intentions.

This morning, an email was waiting for me from Groupon - which is a daily coupon for a reduced rate at a local business - a special offer that is only available today only and for a short amount of time and in limited quantity. There it was - $49 for a 7 week session for intro Pilates at the studio I was looking at considering. I signed up myself and my friend. I had sent my intention out into the universe and it was answered.
What's your synchronicity experience?


  1. AAHH!!! What a great story! I could use some of that...a pilates class would be great. I need to do exactly that...gain some core strength! I just took a video our of the library.

  2. synchronicity experience? That I was thinking I need to get back into shape (just got done eating ice cream) and I ran into your blog! LOL Hitting the gym tomorrow! :)

  3. And that sky photo should be framed. It is a stunner.

  4. I need to do the same, should have gone for a run this morning but my husband snored all night so I am sooo tired. Love your shots, they are beautiful, enjoy the pilates!


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