Thursday, August 4, 2011

Got the Whim

I went to the Bellevue Art Festival last weekend.  I go with nothing particular in mind - I just go really to get inspired.  I like to see what other artists are doing out there in the big world.

This is my first attempt at portrait painting
Encaustic, paper on birch panel - 6x6x2
It seems there really is a lot of stuff that doesn't "do it" for me.  But, I have to say that I appreciate the craftsmanship, the passion and the creativity that is behind the work. 
Usually I find at least a couple of artists that really strike a cord with me.  This time, for whatever reason the artists that really resonated with me were both people painters.  I don't want to call them portrait painters - they paint beautiful people subjects.  One was whimsical and one was more serious, but had some whimsy too.  One used pens, watercolors and papers.  One was an encaustic painter.  I'll highlight both of them in a few days when I can pull together some of thier work.  Two totally different styles - yet a similar subject matter.
I have to say that I was hugely inspired - like couldn't wait to try to paint a portrait.  Never really crossed my mind.  OK, I've thought about it, but never really thought I could.  Too complicated - especially in wax. 
But, no guts no glory - right?
I'm finding that I'm loving trying - that's HUGE.

This is my second attempt at portraits
Encaustic, paper on birch panel 6x6x2


  1. these are AMAZING. you have a talent. i can't stop looking at the second one.

  2. I like both of these "tries"...they seem like much more than tries to me. The style really appeals. I can seem to draw or paint-but I'd point my camera at either of these.

  3. I love your people art Marji. Can't wait to see more. I x

  4. OMG! your work is beautiful! I have been trying to learn to paint faces too, and I'm still practicing, but nothing like lovely!


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