Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's A Start

It's A Start

I'm trying for a start.  This little sedum was in a beautiful flower arrangement that a friend gave me.  The flowers have faded, but the sedum seemed like it needed to carry on. 
So it sits in the sun on my kitchen counter in a jar of water.  I'm hoping it will spread its roots and grow into a beautiful plant.  For whatever reason, I am wanting to make a terrarium.

I'm feeling the same way a bit...  like its time for a start. Time to spread roots and get planted and get going.  
 I've been taking a break and enjoying summer.  However, I am missing my blog friends and my Flickr friends.. so it's time for a start - again.  Maybe a little slow at first, so forgive me - but little starts can grow into big things.

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  1. Hi Marji!! I know this is belated but I received one of your beautiful postcards in the swap and I absolutely LOVE it! It actually looks like something I might take! Anyway, I love your blog, love your style & photos and glad to have a new blog/photo friend! I am currently writing my blog hop post for the swap, so stop by in the next few days to see your postcard on my swap! Nice to meet you :) And I am with you on the new start thing...that is exactly how I am feeling too.
    XO - Chelsea from


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