Thursday, August 4, 2011

Postcard #2

This is SO Fun!!
Postcard #2 arrived - YAY!  I'm starting to really look forward to the mail pick up on Thursday.
This card is from Cara - visit her blog HERE.
Thanks Cara for the great note.  This is a stone that she found after much looking.  In a photography class she was taking, she had an assignment - Find A Heart.  Doesn't that sound like something we should keep our eyes out for every day?!  What a great idea.  You never know where you might find one. 
I have noticed that if you do keep your eyes open for looking for hearts - they are there.  They show up quite a lot really.
I have seen them in my cereal bowl as a cut strawberry, I have seen them in nature as leaves, stones even shadows. 
What are your found heart stories?


  1. I am so glad that you like it! Thanks for letting me know that you got it. I love this project and have enjoyed ever card I have gotten and can not wait for more!

  2. I received your sand dollar post card today in the mail, and you'll never guess where I live. Burien!! What a small world, right? I love your photograph though I have to say I expected it to be from somewhere tropical or beachy like Cape Cod, but nope, you're right in my own back yard!

    Yours was my 5th card and I agree, this was SO much fun and I loved having them arrive sporatically over a couple of weeks instead of all in a clump. Now, I want more!

    This has certainly been a fun way to expand my artsy contacts and meet some new folks. Best of luck in your ongoing creative endeavors!

  3. Should have mentioned, you can learn more about me and see my efforts at - hope to 'see' you there :)


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