Thursday, March 27, 2014

Encaustic Mixed Media, Boxes and Rabbits

Encaustic Mixed Media
Boxes as Art 
Box Top
Fabric, Ink Mono Print, Paper. Wood and Encaustic
 In the Mixed Media and Encaustic class that I took recently, our mission was to make a box that contained things that we created.  The idea behind this was to think of the substrate on which we are painting as a whole to the finished piece.  That the substrate is more that just something to hold the paint, but it is also part of the whole.

The Box
We were provided the box and off we went to create a mixed media piece.  For some reason, I have bunnies on the brain and that became my theme.

Box Opened and Showing Inside Cover and Contents
 The inside cover are the fabric scraps from the cut out for the stuffed rabbit inside the box.  There are 5 little bunnies, one larger bunny and one book filled with things bunnies need.


5 Little Bunnies and a Bunny Book full of Things Rabbits Need
like Carrots
There are 4 little bunnies made from wadded up brown paper towel and  one white one made with fabric all dipped in wax and bound in thread.  The ears are cut from fabric scraps and bound on with thread.

Hand Sewn Rabbit from Fabric, Dipped in Wax and Gift Wrapped
Book Made with Water Color, Encaustic and India Ink
- more carrots and rabbit holes
Accordion book made with water color, wax and India ink - filled with bunny related things.  Talk about a mind bender for me.  Really fun and really challenging to create something like this.  It makes me want to try more and expand my thinking more. 

Encaustic Mixed Media
Photo Transfer, India Ink and Encaustic Using Hot Pen
 In addition to the boxes, we were working on various other encaustic fun - like the hot pen tool.  I have one, thought it was a piece of junk and hadn't used it since 2011.  Well, its been resurrected as a go to tool on my bench - now that I know how to use it properly!  These two panels are small and just doodles really - I was working on my hot pen techniques for small works. 

Encaustic Mixed Media
Photo Transfer, Fabric and Encaustic using Hot Pen
Can't say it more - take a class, stretch yourself and try something new.   Happy Friday!!



  1. What a lot of wonderful work! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow impressive to see your horizons expand! You must have Easter on the adorable...a wonderful treasure! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Loving your new works and such a neat idea Marji. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Fantastic works, I am glad you enjoy your class. Thank you for sharing your art, thoughts and inspirations

  5. gorgeous encaustic pieces Marji-I adore the bunnies and your book, hot pen art and box are really wonderful!

  6. Your encaustic pieces are always eye candy for me, Marji. I love the box. It is such a beauty.

  7. Hi Marji,
    Adore all of your encaustic work.
    The little kitty cat in the last piece is just darn adorably cute!

    Always a pleasure visiting you.

  8. Love these - you have made me want to try encaustic work now.

  9. Wow, so adorable!!!!!

    Smiles; Saskia :)

  10. Love all your work. I'm just about to finish Dion Dior's class in using Twinks. It has been a fantastic journey.

  11. these are sooooooo amazing... love those bunnies and eggs.... and the book... amazing work...xx

  12. This experiment gave me a huge smile today. It feels like pure play. Thanks so much for sharing.
    ~~ irene #54

  13. Encaustics can be so fun! I love how you have combined them with ink and watercolor! So dimensional as a box filled with goodies! Happy PPF!


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