Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Encaustic Mixed Media

Learning what other things can be done with encaustic.

hot encaustic palette
I took a 2 day encaustic mixed media class at Pratt in Seattle.  Larry Calkins was the teacher and had it had been recommended that if I had the opportunity to take a class from him that I should.  Well, its interesting how things present themselves when there is intention in the air.  With just two weeks before class - I signed up and got the last slot.

It was really stepping out for me, I have to say.  I take a pretty conservative approach to encaustic and really don't experiment nor think about all the different mixed media approaches that can be taken.  I do some with embedding paper and fabrics - but I haven't explored much other than that.  This was a fun class and seems to have come just at the right time for me.  I'm at a point where I am wanting to push a bit, to make things more interesting and to bring in some change.

Mixed media encaustic
Mixed media encaustic by Larry Calkins
I learned a bunch of new techniques and interesting things that can be done with wood glue, India ink, shellac and not to mention the idea of thinking outside (and inside) of the box. 
Our project was to create a mixed media box - incorporating the entire box inside and out as our final piece.  Intimidating for me?  Absolutely.  But, I took a hard swallow and sucked it up and got to it.  I will share my creations from the class on Friday. 

Larry brought a bunch of his mixed media artwork to inspire us to have fun. 

Mixed media artwork by Larry Calkins

Mixed media encaustic creativity by one of students

Mixed media artwork by Larry Calkins
Mixed media encaustic creativity by one of students
We even created a mono printing plate to make prints to embed into our artwork.  Lots of new tricks and tips to propel me into the spring and summer.  Its good to take classes, to get out of the studio and out of the comfort zone.  I have so many new ideas floating around in my brain that I have to write them down so they don't flit away. 
Mono printing plate

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  1. Just stopped by, checking out your blog. WOW, loving it. I'm glad you liked the postcard with my mouse friends. They make me laugh.


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