Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspiration Today, Studio Happenings, and Work In Progress: 152

House Finch
encaustic 6x6
Here's what's happening in the studio and things I'm finding inspiring today
  1. I think the artwork by Carol Hagan is really beautiful.  She is a master at capturing the essence of her subjects.  Her oil and cold wax horse paintings, I find magical.  I also love, that she paints the eyes first because they define the painting for her - you can see a you tube interview here
  2. This yummy quick way to cook halibut just when making dinner has gotten really boring and such a chore. 
  3. Revisiting this video for creative inspiration 
  4. Getting together with friends and just talking about whatever.
  5. Late afternoon walks when the light is just right and the colors are beautiful.

    What are you finding inspiring today?


  1. Beautiful House Finch - such a confident pose he has:-) Love your background too - did you use gause and fabric to create texture? Thank you for introducing me to Carol Hagan's art... wow!!!

  2. how funny, I clicked on the link to Carol Hagan and then discovered that I've already pinned several of her beautiful animal paintings to my animal art board on Pinterest! I love her use of colours. Your house finch is gorgeous - I love the background and like Min I'm curious to know if there is a piece of stripy fabric in there or is it all painted? Either way, it's delicious!

  3. oh that's such a beautiful house finch Marji! Thanks for your links too. I mostly eat fish so I will give this recipe a go:) I just ordered cold wax so I can play around with cold wax and oil -even though I have no clue about it. Google to the rescue I hope.


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