Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Inspiration Today, What's Happening in the Studio and Work in Progress: 151

Detail of Work in Progress
oil and wax
Here's what's happening in the studio and the things that are inspiring me today.
  1. I have a new Pandora station that I love - Iron and Wine Radio - and Sam Beam is also a painter :)
  2. I'm doing more abstract painting and delving a little deeper into using oil and cold wax medium.  I'm finding aerial landscapes and satellite images with their shapes and patterns are really inspiring.
  3. I think a tube wringer is worth the price in that you get every last drop out of a tube of paint.
  4. Thanks to my friend Ingrid, she turned me on to this amazing blog showing stunning beauty in nature, its simplicity, color and texture.
  5. Deepak and Oprah have just started a new free 21 Day Meditation series.
What is inspiring you today?


  1. I checked out the nature blog, lovely. I live in the woods and am a collector of it's castoffs. Your painting has a quiet power that draws the viewer in for a closer look. well done!

  2. I really like this piece- you can see the inspiration of the aerial landscape in there for sure and there is something very calming about it despite the green being is so wonderfully bright and zingy - I love it.


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