Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Artistic Inspiration

This image fits - fits my style - The elements that I love...color, texture, hidden interest and line. Read below how I'm starting to
find my eye.

Today I went on an Art Walk - just me, my camera and a notebook. I went specifically to The Grover/Thurston Gallery in the Pioneer Square area in Seattle. I was headed to see the art of American Folk artist, John Randall Nelson.

Hidden in the background of all of his works are words, textures, and pages of old books. These things are not visable from a distance. Only upon coming closer and really looking do you see what is behind the obvious. Each painting is a visual treasure hunt. I found myself drawn into the painting, looking beyond to the layers beneath. I loved that about his art - simplicity and great color on the obvious layer yet underneath as a reward to those who take the time - texture and hidden interest. All these elements inspire me and I find myself wanting to incorporate this in my own art - both photography and encaustic.

Above is the art of Terry Turrell - carved wood, mixed media. Again, all the things that draw me in... color, texture, hidden interest and line.

Of course I can't stay away from glass...

Overall, an interesting day with lots of visual stimulation to inspire. I have to say that I am glad that I waited to do this day - what seemed like falling behind, turned out to be a good thing. Yesterday, I had sat down and really analyzed my photography for one of Kat's assignments. I was feeling so all over the map with my artwork... so uninspired by me.
Yesterday - the AH HA, moment, the lightbulb going on... I found the common thread in my own work. I was feeling so much better. It also made me realize that my love for texture, color, line and shape has always been there. Its the type of art that I am drawn to and have always been drawn to. Its nice to define what seemed like all over the map. The interesting part is to realize that my style and my voice has always been there. I admit it, I never recognized it nor chose to take the time to see it or hear it. I chose to continue to struggle with me and my all over the map-ness.
I feel like I can focus now and let these elements openly define what I like in my art, rather than ride in the back seat undiscovered.


  1. How exciting to really find your style and know what elements work for you! This class is really helping me get there too. I enjoyed the glimpse of your art walk....Nelson's art looks very interesting. BTW, I love your first photo. So original.

  2. YAY!!! I am so happy to hear this. What a fabulous a-ha experience you have had. Doesn't it bring the most wonderful feeling of confidence? You have always been there, you just needed to recognize yourself. :)


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