Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Light

I have been looking at light in photography a little differently this week thanks to Kat Sloma. She is offering a photo course through Wish Studio called Finding Your Eye. These photos are taken on our black lacquer table in front of East facing windows. The challenge this week has been sunlight.... virtually non existant in Seattle. We are really living up to our reputation here this week - rain, rain.........rain

But even with the challenge of the light - the soft light that comes from overcast days can add a moodiness it seems.

There was a Sun Break and I grabbed camera and snapped a few photos of the outdoor potted plants on the deck. I love how they look like stained glass.
I was asked to think about what it is about photography that floats my boat. Its taken me a whole day and a half to mull that over. Photography for some reason has really touched my heart this past year. To the point that I upped from a point and shoot and invested in a nice Big Girl Camera. So what's up with this? I've taken photos forever but never with this kind of inspiration behind it. My conclusion is that photography allows me to play, look at things a little differently and be in the moment. Maybe I need this right now, or maybe I am ready for it at this point in my life. I like to try to capture and experience the little things in life that are the wonder in this world - to me anyway. When I put together a file of my favorite photos today, I realized there are some lovelies. Lots of texture and color, nature, funny angles, highly cropped and other oddball things and subjects. I decided its because I love the small little offerings in this world. The things that catch my eye and keep me in the moment.
What about your art floats your boat?


  1. RainCityGirl I could just reach out and eat that orange right this minute! I am attracted to the combined softness and clarity of your images. There is a peaceful confidence in one that draws me in. Pleased to connect with you as a fellow student in Kat's course.

  2. The light on the mandarin is wonderful -- it does have a softness to it. I can see you like lots of color from the design of your blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

  3. I love those oranges - the soft light really just makes the texture and color pop. The way the light reflected in the table just surrounds the orange in the second one really draws you in to the orange as the subject, along with the bright spot of color. Beautiful. Sounds like you are finding your eye already, with the moments and details you like to capture. :)

  4. I'm loving those oranges as well - such great colours! And I can't help but think that the one in the second picture is about to get up on its leaves and walk away :)


  5. So funny . . . I've been drawn to photographing fruit lately, specifically, apples and oranges! Your oranges look good enough to eat!! Very well done. :D There are three oranges in my kitchen calling my name so I need to leave my computer and photograph them before my husband cuts them up in our breakfast fruit! "See" you in class!

  6. the colours and light are so great here. I haven't got very far with this course, I have read everything just not actually put it into practice! this is a fantastic start, I am envious!

  7. great lighting! I'm still trying to get caught up!


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