Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 1

I was standing at the top of the basement stairs before heading down to the studio. I was thinking today is it... its the first day. The first day to really get started. What a feeling. Have you ever felt that way before starting something new? - like wow, I'm actually doing this. All this build up and work towards today has actually come to a peak at this very moment.
I sucked in my breath and thought- OK, I'm not going to let this overwhelm me, I'm not going to judge anything I do today. Its the first day after all..
This is the first draft, the first run at it. I can be kind to myself and just let ART happen. I promised I would share as I go - so here it is, early stage. Its actually further along than this, but I'll save that for later.
Lessons Learned
  1. Don't put a dirty brush into the clear wax pot - especially a red one. Think red sock, white laundry (not good)
  2. No matter how careful you are, paint has a tendancy to get places you don't want it. Think hair, table, clothes - where the heck did it come from?!
  3. The Procter Silex $20 griddle does not have an accurate temperature gauge. Maybe I should have splurged for the $29.99 model... Guess I've been watching too much Suzi Orman and was trying to be fiscally responsible. Don't think they'll take it back now that it has wax on it. 250 is the new 180.
  4. No matter how hard they try, kitties are no help.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Marje, welcome back! This all sounds wonderful, enjoy it! xo


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