Friday, January 21, 2011

Just a little Reminder that it is important

What's with the inner critic thing? Anyone else noticed that feeling that you get:
  1. What am I thinking?
  2. I just really can't seem to do it
  3. I know there are about 4000 other things I need to be doing
  4. I'm tired
  5. I'm not trained properly. I need to read more, look at other's stuff more...
  6. (insert here your own)

Its overwelming. Its intimidating. Its really hard sometimes to get past the road block that we set up for ourselves. Those hurdles we have to jump over just to get started. Today I realized I am far too serious about this. I'm making it so hard and it doesn't have to be - its FUN for goodness sake! For some reason I feel that everytime I sit down I have to create a fabulous piece of art. I must be perfect, it must be good - because if its not good - why bother... right? This is the thinking that gets me in trouble. Its the thinking that actually gets me away from the studio rather than in there playing and learning.

Today I cut the 6x6 squares into 3x3 squares and worked in a smaller format. It took the preasure off. It is smaller, less white space, plenty of space to dabble and play and create. I didn't have to make that museum quality piece today. Today, I could have no agenda and just have some fun.

I made this little piece as a reminder to me that it is important

- ART -

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