Monday, June 13, 2011

Color Catch Up

Weekends are fam time round here.  So, that means photo antics take a back seat.  Today is Color Catch Up day:
11, 12 and 13

Day 11 of Picture Color - The Best of Both Worlds
 Ever noticed how there are colors that seem an odd pairing?  Like red and pink for example.  One makes a bold statement and the other is the calmer version.  These colors live with us everyday, playing off one another.  

Day 12 - Seeing Spots
Polka dots are such happy spots of color.  They can be tone on tone for sophisticated tastes or bold and beautiful for a more playful spin. 

Day 13 - Celebrating Ordinary Color
Its easy to take things for granted.  To just roll through the day without really taking notice.  Today try observing the ordinary color in your life.  What colorful items do you see daily that maybe you have overlooked?  Take notice and celebrate these little color smiles that brighten your every day. 

I will be guest posting over on Kat Sloma's blog Kat Eye View of the World.  Kat is moving back to the US after living in Italy.  She asked me to write a post about repartirating after living overseas.  Will let ya know when.

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  1. beautiful photos. i'll be looking out for your post over at kat's place!


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