Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Picture Color - Day One

I've decided I need some inspiration in my photography.  I signed up to take Tracy Clark's Picture Color class for the month of June. 

Today is about BLISS - picture the color of BLISS
I had to really think about what this means to me.  What color is BLISS? 

I decided turquoise or aqua is it for me.  It makes me think of the sea.  The seaside is near and dear to me and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Today is pouring rain.  However, the way the raindrops danced on the outdoor glass table seemed like such a nice way to capture the color of BLISS.


  1. looks very blissful to me. great idea. enjoy the class!

  2. Wow, you said it just right for me. I love blues for the same reason, and your photography captures it well.
    I will be in your beautiful city 3 weeks from today, and that is pure "bliss" for me...we LOVE it there...rain or shine.


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