Monday, June 20, 2011

A little catching up to do

Some catching up to do.  First, 30 Day Challenge 17-20
bokeh, something orange, shoes and technology.

I have a "Bling Fling" to attend tomorrow.  So, I have been gathering Bling.  Now I just need to decide if the tiera is too over the top. 

Something Orange
 Orange is good.  One of my favorite colors.  I always tell people that there really isn't a happier color than orange.  Once again, I can't really wear it - but I love it anyway.


Its officially summer tomorrow.  I've worn my sandals a couple of times but ended up with popcicle toes.  Hasn't really been warm enough - but I am ready.


iPod, iPhone - love it... Technology.  Think of all the technology that has come about in our lifetime - now think of it in terms of your parents or grandparents.  It is really pretty amazing when you put it into perspective.

Picture Color - 17-19
Haven't done today's yet.  Still working on it

Seeking Sun

Looking for sunflares and how the sun changes colors when photos are taken right into the sun.  It was a amazing sunrise Friday. 

 Picture Calm

Blue is calm - candles are calm.  Its a nice way to wind down at the end of the day.

 Personal Color

Berry Sorbet was my color last year.  I haven't really found the signature color for this year yet. 


  1. These shots are great! Love the technology one!

  2. Loving all your photos - especially the tiara. Look forward to the one of you wearing it. I x


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