Friday, June 3, 2011

Picture Color 2&3

Picture iconic color. 
What are colors that when we see them, they stir up memories or brands associated with that particular color?  There are two here - eraser pink and school pencil yellow.  Remember how cool it was to have new pencils?  And.. how in no time the eraser was worn flat, the pencil grew shorter and shorter with each crank of the pencil sharpener.  Then we added those cone-head shaped things that fit over the top of the pencil?  See how colors can be iconic? 

Color can be so much more than just one color.  Mother Nature wields her colorful brush and blends her colors so richly.  One color gracefully combines with another dancing across flowers and leaves, the sky and the water.  It is really amazing when you look closely at how really there are so many colors that combine to make up the one color that registers in our mind - like red for example.

Slow down today, just for a moment and take in the color.


  1. Love your color here and nostalgia. I bought some of those cone head erasers one time, just because it reminded me of my childhood...I think I still have them. :-)

  2. beautiful! it looks like you are enjoying picture color. i love the way the light is shining on the tree.

  3. lovely colours you have captured

  4. fantastic shot of those pencils, love your post.


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