Friday, June 10, 2011

Creating With Color

Today's prompt for picture color
Creating With Color

The cool part about painting with hot colored wax is that I don't have to wash any brushes.  I just let them cool and harden.  I keep this bouquet of colorful brushes on my work bench.  I pluck out the colored brush I want to use, pop it on the heated palette and its ready to go as soon as it warms up again.  

I've been trying to simplify a bit.  Limit my palette to just a few colors.  I'm finding that I really like working with complimentary colors or split compliments and black and white.  It keeps me limited which is a good thing.  Its more challenging to not reach for any color but to only use what is on the palette and in front of me.  Its a good challenge and it keeps things more together in the end.  There is something to be learned here - hmmmm... simplify.

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