Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coffee Shots

I take coffee shots.  Coffee for me, is more than the drink itself.  Its about the aroma, the feel of the cup in my hand and the steam on my face.  That first sip in the morning.. that wake-me-up is what starts my day.  Its also about friends lingering and chatting over a cup with stories and laughter shared. 
These are photos from my recent trip.  Lots of wonderful memories over these cups.


  1. You definitely DO coffee. You have some wonderful POVs here and some cool shadows too. My best and I meet for coffee a couple times weekly. Drinking coffee with a friend leads to wonderful conversation.

  2. I love not only the coffee.. but all the wonderful table tops/clothes you have found.

  3. I love all that about coffee too.

  4. Wonderful shots! Be in your neck of the woods on Tuesday for a conference through the weekend. Still can't believe I'll be living there soon. I hope to get over to Piroshky's for a rhubarb piroshky...yum!


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