Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Boy

Encaustic and Paper
on Birch panel
This is Rufus.
Its a sweet painting for a sweet boy.
Well, really its for
my very good friend, Ingrid.
Ingrid is hosting me for a few days in her lovely home
outside of London.
I'm feeling so lucky to be able to visit her.
We've known each other for ten years and have been connected through the internet and visits here and there for 8 of those years.
Ingrid is the reason I am on Flickr.  She is the reason that I fell into photography.  The invite that came from her to join in her 365 was like a life ring thrown out to me.
At that very point in time, I needed something.  
I needed a creative outlet.
Flickr opened the door to a world of people that are similar to me.  Its a place we all come together and cheer each other on.  Encourage, laugh, cry, and partake in each others daily lives.  I've never met any of my Flickr friends, but I do call them friends.
Its a funny place, Flickr.  Its a community.  And, thanks to Ingrid I found a place there on Flickr and a place in photography.
This painting is for you my friend.  Many thanks for your hospitality and your friendship over these past 10 years.
You can find Ingrid (and Rufus) at her beautiful blog
or follow her on Flickr at


  1. Marji I am so touched by your kind words and that you came all that way to see us. Such a fabulous time.
    Come back again soon. You inspire me so much.
    I x

  2. I forgot to say how brilliant the Rufus art is. We love it on our wall.

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