Friday, February 24, 2012

The Softer Side of Greece

I have recently travelled to Athens and have found there is another side to Greece other than its deep rich history including Gods and Temples.  Greece has a soft side too - a furry side.   The animals of Greece are a subject all of their own.  The stray cats and dogs dotting the streets and avenues are sweet soft faces amoung the hard landscape of the city. 
 They lounge in hidden spaces and soak up the rays of February's sunlight.  The air is cool but there is enough heat to warm their little bodies.
 We visited Hydra, one of the islands of Greece, which is home to picturesque sights and loads of cats.

 The most intriguing to me were the city dogs.  Athens has a number of stray dogs that roam the city.  They look well feed, healthy and quite friendly.  They are happy for pets and seem to not want for attention as there are plenty of people willing to provide.
 Many wear collars with tags, yet they are strays.  I have come to understand that the tags have telephone numbers of people willing to help if the dog is causing trouble or is in trouble.
 Many of these dogs seem like old souls to me.  Their eyes hold a long and deep history within their brown waters. 
The dogs ebb and flow with the tides of people that walk the streets.  They lounge on the stairs of the Acropolis and lay on the sidewalks for naps.  There are the clever dogs that find the warmth of hotel and store fronts and have spots staked out on the carpets outside of the doors.
 They are street savy.  The dogs will stand on a street corner and wait until there are people crossing before they cross too.  There is even a famous dog of Athens named Sausage, who has participated in every demonstration/riot in Syntagma square since 2008.  See his story HERE
 This dou followed us through the streets of the Plaka.
 Honest to goodness I would have brought this one home with me if I could have.  His face just stole my heart.
 Not only dogs and cats - but the mules too.  Their sweet soft eyes... and those long lashes
 The donkeys of Hydra are workers and are not for tourist delight.  There are no cars there, so they are the transport to the houses that line the bluffs. 

This is the softer side of Greece.


  1. Another great series! The cat pics - each one seemed better than the one before it. I love the closeup of the donkey's eye, too.

  2. Love these shots, no doubt, it´s a softer side of Greece

  3. What a beautiful photo story you share with us here.
    I x


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