Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inspiration Today::Blue Trees

There is a place in Seattle with blue trees.  Its Westlake Park in downtown Seattle.
An Australian artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos is coloring some of Seattle's trees with a water soluble ultramarine blue.  It is part of his international art installation The Blue Trees.  A week or so ago, I talked about pushing our creativity.  If you missed this post, I would at least urge you to go and watch the OKGO video there.  I could really see this concept of pushing creativity in Kon's Blue Tree Project.  He had an issue that he felt needed to be raised - but how do you do that in an Ultra - creative way? 

Well, you paint trees Ultra Marine Blue. 
His idea is to bring attention to the deforestation of millions of acres of forests on our planet.  About 32 million acres of forests were converted to other uses or lost to natural causes each year between 2000 and 2010.  This is a big loss of our green nation.
The color itself is made of azurite which is a vibrant blue rock that is ground and mixed with water. It does not harm the tress and will fade away with the rain.  Its an unexpected color to associate with trees, thus bringing our attention to notice them. 
The artist believes that deforestation is a topic that is out of sight.  Its not one that many people stop to think about.  His idea is that with this odd color for trees that people would take pause and learn what the project is and what it represents.  
This is an interesting example of pushed creativity. Point taken. 
"I don't have the answers but I can raise the issue" Dimopoulos said.  
I've been thinking a lot about voice in art.  Its more than just a painting or a photo.  Its what it has to say.  I know I'm trying to find the voice in my art.  How do I make what I do speak of something?  How do I give a voice to a subject or to something that can not speak?  And how do I do this in a two dimensional way?  Its an interesting thing to think about.  I found the Blue Tree project inspiring in the regard that it gives a voice to something that can not speak on its own.

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  1. wow, love your photos of the blue trees. looks like a really interesting art project, and really does capture your attention.


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