Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Exchange #5 :: Something New

Four weeks exploring the sea was wonderful for me.  I loved having a focus and a theme.  Four weeks is a good amount of time to dig in a little deeper.  I enjoyed that aspect of the IM Project, a lot.
My partner in this project, Ingrid, is going to take a break for a while.  Her break is indefinite at this point, but she will be back.  But, I decided I will carry on.  The reason to go the road alone is that its good for me to keep exploring, to look at things a little differently, to take time with a theme and topic and really get into it. 
The other day, I went on a photo walk.  It was a very typical spring day - rain, hail, rain, sunbreaks and full out blue sky and sunshine.  Sometimes, we just have to go - go anyway... rain or shine.   Here are some of my favorites of the day.

 I love Magnolias. 
 These are the famous Yashino Cherry Trees on the Quad at the University of Washington campus.  They were the reason for my photo jaunt.  I go every year to see them. 

 Things are waking up in the wetlands.  Its time for new.  Yet, the old is still standing guard over the new shoots and seedlings that are just starting.
 It really did rain on me.  Hard at times.  Yet that didn't deter my photo jaunt. 
With all that said..... I will be on to a new topic of inspiration for another four weeks. However, I'm going to take a break from the studio for a couple of weeks first. It will give me some time to think about what it is I really want to explore for the next inspiration. I have some really exciting ideas rolling around in my head. I'll just have to wait and see which one comes to the surface.  Happy Tuesday everyone. 


  1. Would you consider taking on a sub for your project?

    OK I know this is rather bold of me to propose but would you consider taking on a complete stranger for a sub for your friend Ingrid, during the time she's taking a break from the Tuesday exchange? I know working with other artists is hit or miss so I won't be offended if the answer is no.

    I love projects done between two people, sharing different perspectives on the same theme. I do them periodically with artist friends and was inspired by your Tuesday Exchange to move in that direction again. I also happen to be a fan of your photography and encaustic painting. Having grown up in Seattle I enjoy seeing your take on the rain city.

    I live in a tiny town in Mendocino County, CA, among orchards and redwoods and thirty minutes from the ocean. My studio life revolves around being a hand bookbinder and the rest of my creative self revolves around photography, including my new fascination with encaustic photography. My blog http://unfoldandtakeflight.blogspot.com/

    Just a wild thought.

    Have a fabulous break!

  2. I really like that photo of the raindrops. It's very peaceful, somehow. I'm wondering how you protect your camera when you take it out in the rain. Do you have special rain gear for it?

  3. beautiful shots, our magnolia has just finished, you have captured them all beautifully and I especially love the raindrops on the last shot.

  4. wow, you captured some amazing flower shots marji. beautiful!

  5. Love your photos! I can't wait until next spring when I can take a photo walk there and view it through my lens. Thank you for sharing these. Looking forward to your next journey.


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