Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspiration Today & Monday Shout Out

We all need to find what makes our heart sin, what moves us.  What is it that makes you feel that flickering instant of joy - when all we do is look at something?  Sometimes there is just that *click* that brings something out from the background.  Ever had words in a book or on a blog post almost jump off the page at you?  What makes that happen?  The right words, the right photo, the right moment for it to really mean something to you - right then at that very moment.  Another day, you would never take notice.. it wouldn't *click*.  It happens in life, it happens in art and it happens in photography. 
I came across an amazing website of a collaborative photography project.  Its beautiful stuff and I hope that you take some time to look at what these people are doing, are photoing - the things that make their hearts sing.. the things that *click*.

Today, start taking notice of the things in your day that *click*.  Also, give a shout out to someone on this Pay it Forward Monday.

1 comment:

  1. Thought provoking words. To me, paying attention to things that "click" is like following a road map deeper into my soul. Always an interesting journey.
    And this is a great link, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it!


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