Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Exchange #4

This is the last week for the SEA theme with my friend Ingrid. Hard to believe that these four weeks have gone by so quickly.  Something new next week - but you have to wait because we are still exploring the sea.  
Charts + Aquarium = some pretty fun stuff  
 Remember the charts I found at the Antique store?  And remember my trip to the Seattle Aquarium?   This is how things in the studio have come together. 

encaustic and paper on birch panel 5x5
I find when I paint - just for me or for someone I love, that my paintings turn out pretty well.  I find that when I paint for some other reason - like to sell, or it has to be done by a certain date, or its for a project that I am feeling pressed about, or ________ (you fill in the blank), the paintings are a struggle.  They don't really come together and they are challenging.
Holy Mackeral x2
encaustic and paper on birch panel 5x5
 These paintings were all done for me, just for fun.  I loved doing them and they make me smile.
encasutic and paper on birch panel 5x5
Now I have come to understand that when a painting is giving me trouble, I can ask myself "Am I painting for the right reasons?" 
Oh - and there is one more of this Sweet Suite - I've saved the best one for last.  Come back on Friday to see the last of the SEA paintings. 
And... those charts I bought.. I'm not the only one thinking they are cool.  More here.


  1. Ain't that the truth! Creating has to come from within to be its best (in my humble bumbling opinion). My fave here is Holy Mackeral. These charts are pretty common around here-any knowledgeable boater has them. I find them fascinating to read and ponder. I love them here as backdrop for your sea wanderers.

  2. They make me smile, too. And I agree with Susan, Holy Mackerel is my favorite, too. Can't wait to see the next post!

  3. YES! Totally agree... and you know, when you paint what makes YOU smile, chances are good it'll make someone else smile too. I love your question too - "am i painting for the right reasons"? Perfect. xoxo

  4. J'aime ces techniques, l'effet produit est fantastique

  5. Marji, these are wonderful!
    I love all of the cheerful colors.

  6. these are beautiful, i especially love the last one!


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