Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Exchange #3 - Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration:: Under the Sea
Its week three of my Sea related adventure with my friend Ingrid. We are partnering over 4 weeks to explore the sea.  I decided to set up a separate page tab to explain the IM Project and show the good things we are creating. 
Where do you look for inspiration when you need it?  Today, I am looking to the Seattle Aquarium to find some sea creatures to inspire subjects for my chart panels.   I did a couple of sea creature paintings (here).  I had so much fun with them that I decided I need to keep going on this idea and see where it takes me.
 Oh my gosh... aren't they beautiful?  So many interesting shapes, sizes and colors.  Incredible, really.
 This is not my best photography, but that is not the point here.  The point is to gather inspiration and then create something from it. 
 I collect tons of photos. I take photos of things that catch my eye because of color, words, shape, shadow - whatever. Thank goodness for digital photography :)  Sometimes I wonder why I even took a photo. Why?
 The reason is that I never know when that will come back around for me - but in the moment, I just knew I had to capture it. These photos actually come from my archives.
 Don't you just love these starfish photos?  Their little toes curl at the ends.  They are just hanging out on a rock under the sea.   Don't they seem to have a people-like quality? 

The anemones - the undersea flowers. Yep, beautiful
 OK, I'm in love with the sea grass in this one.  And, those fishies are pretty sweet.  Especially the one peeking in from the bottom.
And more pink sea anemone love.  So frilly fine.
You see, art has a process and it starts at inspiration.  Now that I have gathered some ideas, I'll head to the studio and see what becomes.  I have two chart panels waiting for a subject.
Head over to Ingrid's blog and see what SEA inspired delights she is bringing today.

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  1. I really enjoyed visiting the aquarium for inspiration with you. You've inspired me - after I get moved and settled, I'm getting a fish tank. I used to love that, but haven't had one in many years. I love all these photos of undersea creatures. Fascinating and beautiful!


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