Monday, March 26, 2012

FILM26 - G is For..

Its time again to switch letters over at FILM26.  We're moving on.
G is for...

Me and G
 There is a park in Seattle at the north end of Lake Union.  It is an old Gasworks where some of the old structures, pipes, and valves have been saved.  The park has a lovely view to the south of the skyline of Seattle.  Its a nice spot to spend some time on a sunny afternoon. 
the Works at Gasworks
 I heard some cooing and noticed that in one of the open pipes, a pair of pigeons had made a nest.  Mr. was the sentry and watched carefully as Doggie and I stood below. 
 Gentleman Pigeon at Gasworks
 Sure enough, Mrs. Pigeon showed up at the opening after Mr. P decided that Doggie and I were OK.  They were so cute that I couldn't resist a Polaroid shot of the two peering down at me.
Gentleman Pigeon and His Bride at Gasworks


We're taking film photos for a year and following the alphabet for inspiration.  Every two weeks, we share what we find over at FILM26 at Flickr. 
I also want to do a little Monday Shout Out to my friend Justine Gordon over at Justine Gordon Photography.  She has come up with a brilliant idea of Pay It Foward Monday.  Which means that you give a little shout out to a fellow blogger and a *clap~clap* for what they do.  Justine is a fellow film photographer and participant and co-hostess at FILM26.  Head on over to her blog and see what an amazing photographer Justine is.  Also, give pay it forward a try on your blog!

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  1. What photogenic pipes you found! I think my favorite is the second one, because of all the shades of yellow, orange, and red, but really, I like all of them very much.


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