Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Exchange #2

The Sea is the four week theme of the IM (Ingrid-Marji) Project and this week I've been exploring the colors of the sea  . 
The Punchy Sea Color Palette
I seem to be interested in color these days... how it works together, where it falls on the color wheel, etc.  After last week, I sat down and created a color palette from my photos from my day at the beach. You can see my inspiration photos here.  I came up with a beautiful color palette of neutrals, blues and grays. 
Neutral Colors of the Sea
But I was feeling that I needed a little punch to add to this palette that I created.  So, I spent some time looking through many beach photos to come up with a more punchy color palette.  Now, I stayed true to the pacific northwest and didn't stray from our local beaches in order to find the more vibrant colors.  I realized, that for the most part, I could pretty much create a color wheel from my selection of photos. 
There used to be a show on HGTV that you got to choose from a color wheel that was created from beautiful colorful objects that were in little boxes around the wheel.  Do you like the color of crab shell?  Its complimentary color is plankton.  Or perhaps you prefer an analogous color selection of crab, starfish and sand dollar.  Me... well, I just LOVE all the colors in the Yellow Orange photo :)

Red - starfish
Red Orange - Sand dollar
Orange - Clam Shell

Yellow Orange - Crab Shell

Yellow - Sea Grass

Yellow Green - plankton
Green - Shell

Blue Green - Rope

Blue - Rope

Blue Violet - Scallop Shell

Violet - Crab Claw
Red Violet - Crab
Now that I have my colors and inspiration figured out, I will have to see what I can do in the studio with all of this color inspiration.   Stop by Ingrid's blog and check out her SEA inspired goodness this week.  Our SEA theme is in the second week and most importantly, having a partner to keep my head in the game is really working for me.


  1. wow you have so many amazing colours to choose from! wonderful rich and varied palette and great shots, look forward to the end result

  2. I LOVE your sea-inspired color wheel. I have to admit that I would probably not have thought beyond a palette of soft water, sand, and stone colors.

  3. Amazing photos..........what a treat, thank you.

  4. Amazing photos Marji, and I am so drawn to those colors of the sea. I have to admit, knowing you took those photos from "local" areas makes me gitty with joy to know I will soon live amongst that beauty. I look forward to exploring more of these areas. Loving your series here.

  5. This seems like such a valuable and FUN exercise - what a great way to internalize the inspiration photos and prepare for further artistic exploration. Since it's sunny today and supposed to be nice tomorrow, I think a walk in Lincoln Park down by the water is in order.... (W Seattle)


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