Friday, March 16, 2012

Come Sit with Me

An Invitation

Come sit and tell me your story
Tell me your dreams.
What makes you happy?
What makes your heart sing?
Come sit beside me in this chair.
Tell me your happiness.
Tell me your sorrows.
Come and sit.
This is an invitation to
speak from your heart.
Come and sit in this chair.

Encaustic and Paper on Birch Panel 12x18

I usually put words in my paintings.  For some reason I feel compelled to do that.  Words can hold such meaning and double meanings and innuendos.  They can evoke power, love, and thoughtfulness.  They can make you stop and think a bit.  They are an art form in and of themselves. However, sometimes they don't look right to have them on the front of the painting.
I paint on cradled panels, so the painting itself stands out from the wall by 1.5 inches.   It came to me, that really the words don't need to sit on the surface of the painting.. What if they were around the edge?  In this painting above, the words circle around the edge of the painting.  They are written in pencil and and then covered with clear wax.

The Pink Chair
Encaustic and Paper on Birch Panel 8x8

In the Pink Chair, the words are a dictionary page.  They start with mess and message end with messenger.   Doesn't sitting in a chair and resting quietly allow you to put the mess aside and take in the messages that clear your head.  It works for me.
Today, I am linking up with Paint Party Friday for the first time. 


  1. Oh your work is beautiful. I love the subtle colors and shadows. Welcome to PPF
    please consider taking OFF the word verification. It's a big hassle and Blogger already has a great spam filter.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  2. Love your creations ~ very unique and well done ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  3. Beautiful creation and loving your words as well. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. A job well done and very handsome. Saludos

  5. Your paintings are beautiful...I love them...

  6. Marji, I love that pink chair, the light and shadows on it. It's beautiful and looks very comfy!

    PS - I second Mimi's request about the word verification. For some reason I often have a very difficult time leaving comments on your blog and sometimes give up in frustration. :(

  7. Oops, looks like you already did. Thanks!! :)

  8. So extraordinarily beautiful and lovely!
    Love the writing around the edge of the painting...what a perfect frame!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. Your art is very impressive! I'll return here for sure.

  10. Such thoughtful painting with wonderful texture. Great Work!

  11. Beautiful creations, wonderful colors and textures! <3

  12. Love the painting of the girl and her eyes STUNNING eyes, let me tell you. And your chairs are wonderful. What a super nice job. :)

  13. Welcome to Paint Party Friday, Marji! It's wonderful to have you join us!

    These are fabulous paintings and a beautiful poem to augment the "Invitation". You really captured the (often challenging) perspective of chairs perfectly. I can just imagine all the great conversations in the first and contemplations in the second.

  14. Love these paintings, actually, I had a quick brows around your site, and I love all your work.

  15. Such beautiful work! I love the poem!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!!

  16. I AM SO in love with this painting! Love, love love! The chairs are beautiful, the colors bright and I can smell the wax from here! I am a bit obsessed with chairs, so this really speaks to me. Great move to place the text on the sides too - really beautiful work. I'm a new fan! xo

  17. What a gorgeous piece! Love the layers of wonderful things!

  18. i would love to have this hanging in my favorite reading is fantastic! great work

  19. I am so glad that you have linked up to PPF. I love this piece and the meaning behind it. Beautiful!

  20. Thank you for your visit today! I hope Monday treated you well, xo

  21. Your chairs are totally inviting and most beautiful.

  22. Hi Marji! Sorry I'm just getting around to your PPF entry! This is lovely! I love the cool tones and textures in the upper background. Your encaustic pieces always inspire me.


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