Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inspiration Today: The Art of Karin Jurick

Women's Lib
by Karin Jurick
The sea is still on my mind and I want to introduce one of the artists that I admire.  Her name is Karin Jurick.  I don't remember exactly when I came across the art of Karin Jurick.  However, I was really interested in her not only because of her style... but she paints a painting a day!  In oils!! 
OK, to me that is admirable, because for me to paint a painting a day is really not going to happen.  I actually have set a personal goal to paint a painting a week so that I can participate in Paint Party Friday this year.  But.. a painting a day? Yeah... no.

Karin Jurick paints many subjects and I hope that you go to her website and have a browse around.  I love them all but I do really love her beach scenes, animals and museum goers.  She has a couple of You Tube videos that I hope you have time to browse. 
The first one is her beach paintings.  See them here ::
Life Should be a Beach by Karin Jurick

The second one is her talking about the palette she uses.  I have been exploring the palette of the sea.  You can see what I put together here.  Its nothing like the palette Karin uses.  It is always interesting to see what other artists have on their palettes.  See her video here::
My Painting Palette by Karin Jurick
I love how she starts out by saying "I sure love a lot of color". 

Then, if you are really loving all this... watch her paint one of her paintings here::
Painting a Scene of a New York City Street by Karin Jurick
What jumps out when watching her paint is that she thinks in shapes of color.   That is pretty obvious as you see the painting develope.  She is not thinking about the subject she is painting... only the shapes and how they combine and work together in color and value.

I have a lot to learn from someone like Karin Jurick.  That is why I shared her work today.  Its always good to keep the artists you admire nearby.

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  1. Thanks for the link to her, everyday? And those small 6 x 6" looking like large works in detail. I can see why she would be an inspiration. I am not a painter so I can only imagine trying to paint one a week, forget every day. Both tasks seeming unobtainable to me. I can paint the walls in my bedroom in a week-primer and 2 coats. Trim work takes longer. :)


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