Friday, April 13, 2012

For the Love of Creating

As a kid, I used to draw a lot.  My Dad was an Artist, a painter.  I would keep him company in his studio while he painted and I would draw.  Drawing left me for some reason.  It went away and I grew older and it totally left when I went to college.  Sure, I draw a little for my paintings but I don't sketch, I don't just sit and draw.  I was talking to my Mom about this a few weeks ago - that I don't draw anymore.  She was surprised because of the countless drawings I had done growing up.  The great ones hung on the fridge - the others were in stacks until there was enough to bind in a notebook.  I had books of drawings.  I had drawings on my bedroom walls.   My Dad would buy a ream of paper just for drawing.  It sat in his studio next to a jar full of pens, a box of charcoal and sharpened pencils.  As a kid, I wasn't allowed to have coloring books - I was to draw my own.  So that's what I did.
My Mom came up with the great idea - "why don't you challenge yourself to draw everyday for a month and then reward yourself with a prize - but only if you have a drawing for each day".  Isn't Motherly wisdom wonderful?  Well, great idea, but I fell flat after three days and put the sketch book back on the shelf to sit again. No prize.

Last night I was tinting some pages in my travel journal.  I like to keep a travel journal and I like to write on water colored pages.  They are simple - just tinted with color a few random shapes.. nothing, really.   I painted this tree.. why?  No clue.  It was just put in loosely with water color and really didn't look like much.  Then I grabbed my favorite ink pen and the magic started.

My Dad and I used to draw in this kind of style.  We would put in loose watercolor shapes and then spend time outlining with a pen the shapes and creating textures with line - creating the drawing and the detail as how we felt in the moment.  It was like he was sitting there with me - like old times, just the two of us, drawing.  I haven't done a drawing like this in years (a really very long time).  When the drawing was complete, I just sat there and stared at it.  It was like - wow, I remember - but what really got me was - wow, how did I forget?  Its like something shifted, something happened. It was magic.  It was the joy of creating.


  1. Creating something, which for me means photos or processing them, always makes me feel better. Rough day-get focused on being creative. I love the look of this tree and wish I had ability that way (there's still time I suppose) and how nice it provides memory of creating with your Dad.

  2. Beautiful words and art Marji and such a wonderful way to stay connected with your father.
    The joy of creating is such an amazing feeling. Thanks for reminding me.
    I x

  3. Love your words and your memories entwined with your creativity, so beautiful. It's funny, my six year old has just started making books and writing stories - something I loved to do as a child too. Like you I'd forgotten how much I love creating - writing in my case. Thank you for sharing this, it's a very timely reminder for me. :)

  4. Oh, Marji, what a wonderful post. Inspirational, too. Now I want to try this kind of drawing and painting. And what a special way to reconnect with your Dad.

  5. This is such an interesting post. How wonderful your Mother was able to help you reconnect with your drawing. Perhaps it was lost for a while so you could rediscover it , a new gift for you on your personal growth path. Well, go for it girl! And thank you for sharing your gift!


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