Monday, September 16, 2013

29 Faces: 14-16

encaustic and paper 6 x 6
Beauty is Skin Deep
encaustic 6 x 6

Who's That Girl
acrylic on canvas board 6x8
 Half way - more than half way to 29.  Its fun this time.  The faces are definitely getting better.  I find learning with acrylic then taking what I learn back to encaustic is really helping.  Blending, color and honestly - just starting with a good drawing is really helpful.  The more I paint, the better I get - love that!


  1. Wonderful skins, beautiful lighs and the last has so cute and trustful eyes. They are so beautiful.

  2. It's so cool how that process works--learning something in one medium, which you can then apply to another. I see incredibly skillful handling of this acrylic paint. And then your encaustic ones--they're different, but in a way, I think I like them even better, because of the feeling of the surface. Way cool!

    (I'm learning a lot in my chosen-for-the-month medium too, but I'm not sure it's transferring anywhere. Maybe one has to be working in two different mediums first.....)

  3. All stunning - the skin tones are so perfect and the way, regardless of whether it's acrylic or encaustic, that you make their skin so dewy and luminous - I love it!

  4. Sigh . . . swoon . . . . sigh . . .xo!


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