Wednesday, September 11, 2013

29 Faces: Ten and Eleven


The Guardian
encaustic 12 x 18

We all find inspiration in different places.  This painting, The Guardian, was inspired by Mama.  If you follow this blog, you may remember that Mama was part of our lives in the spring of this year.  Unfortunately, her little family met with an unexpected tragedy.  So, I painted Mama a Guardian for her next nest.
acrylic 5 x 7

I came across a story about a mother and a daughter that do collaborative art.  The artwork they are creating as a team is really fun - which is what art is meant to be - FUN.  I found this story to be a really interesting read because it highlights some of the fears that weigh artists down.  Yet, as an artist and a Mom, she had to overcome.
She realized that together, they were creating something that was unique and beautiful and together the end product was way more than the parts alone.  Here's the story


  1. Awesome collaboration :D loved the astronaut beavers most (I think)
    Your art is amazing at all times...

  2. I loved reading about Mama. I loved your crow too and had to 'pin' her - hope you don't mind.

    It really boggles my brain how you do these in encaustic but they're gorgeous.

    I read about that collaboration too - it was wonderful for all the reasons you say :)

  3. FANTASTIC... sorry for yellow but I am so impressed.. this is the thing I want to learn ( I know training training and training :) ) Thank you for sharing - I have added you to my favourites :)

    My humble place:

  4. Your encaustic paintings are just beautiful! And your creativity in this one is a great tribute to Mama.

  5. Always so impressive over here!! Not only do I love and feel inspired by your gorgeous faces...the story of the four year old and your tribute to Mama are so heartwarming....LOVE this post!! Full of substance!! Thank-you for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Ooh!! I LOVE 'The Guardian' It's just my thing and the inspiration for this work is so beautiful. Sometimes Marji, you just create the most amazing art that speaks to me personally and touches my soul. I dont know how you do it! The art Collaboration is such a great idea. My little boy would love to do something like that:) Thank you for the link.

  7. I always love your work. There is always so much texture and beauty in your work. Thank you.

  8. You have here wonderful painting after one to an other. The last is my favorite because the bird. And all the painting is so fine painted. I like Your bruch teknic and colors and ideas...all...Great!

  9. The Guardian painting is absolutely lovely. I've never tried encaustic, but I'm seeing more and more fabulous results with it. I really like the colors on the painting--the red in the face and the blue behind, and the dark darks in the hair and bird.

  10. Your portraits are adorable! The encaustic paintings are just fabulous! I wanted to give it a try on encaustics, but when I see your results, I don´t dare starting.
    Gabriele 78

  11. These are my favorites so far...but I"m sure that tomorrow will be another story as you never disappoint me.I so look forward to your post :)

  12. How very beautiful, Marji! I did read the story and enjoyed it and also notice that it has 973 comments!!! I see a difference in the acrylic and the encaustic. Both are gorgeous in their own way. I love the depth you get in the encaustic.


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