Monday, September 9, 2013

29 Faces - Eight and Nine


The Boyfriend
acrylic on mat board 10 x 10

The girl, Three,  needed a boy friend - so here he is - another run at acrylics.  I actually kinda like the acrylics.  I'm getting used to them a bit.  Like any kind of painting for me - I need to use more paint.  There is some weird thing in me that I can't seem to get enough paint on the brush.  I actually believe it would be easier to paint with more paint because you can move it around the surface and blend it and stuff.  So, I'll try again - more paint, more paint.
In wax - thin layers are the trick.  But, I have to say... that I notice a difference in my wax faces after I've painted a few acrylic faces.  So, back and forth, I go - pondering my learnings a little more.

encaustic on birch 4 x 6


  1. Yes indeed! What a hunk! You do great work in wax and in acrylics, Marji. It's always like a visit to the museum to see your blog.

  2. LOVE that acrylic face!! Very striking and I love the subtle blending of colors!

  3. love that girl and her boyfriend

  4. Both are wonderful, but I love the Girl, which is looking so Special. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow you paint handsome men!! Gorgeous...I think they'd be awesome on book covers!! Your lady is beautiful too....I always love your encaustics..but boy the acrylics are dynamite too...Should be interesting to see what else evolves.
    Thanks for sharing these treasures!

    Hug Giggles

  6. Great looking guy!! I struggle with male faces :(


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