Wednesday, September 4, 2013

29 Faces: Three and Four


acrylic on mat board - 10 x 10
Acrylics - hmmmm.
Recently, I picked up some of my very old art stuff that had been in storage away from our home.  Nine big bins of mostly jewelry making supplies.  Yet, there was one bin that was labeled - paint box, books, art supplies, palette....  I knew I had a paint box with acrylic paints - but I had forgotten that they were hardly used and had all the colors a girl would need to get started - including brushes.  They come from - dare I say - 30 years ago from an art class elective I had taken.  They seem OK and in good shape.  I needed them for the bird house project and well, since they were still out and available on the worktable - why not work with them a little more? 
I have a thing for faces - for pop art faces.  I've been trying for quite a while to make these work in wax and its hard.  I'm thinking that if I learn to do it in acrylic, maybe I can translate it to wax.  This is probably my best attempt so far and I still have 26 faces to go to complete the 29 Faces project. 
This lovely lady has a girlfriend AND a boyfriend that are started and will make their way here soon - but I also can't forget about the wax :) - so here's a quickie for number


encaustic on board
4 x 6


  1. how do you do this in encaustic??? i would love to know. i have all the encaustic supplies but am too scared to try. these are lovely. thanks for sharing them.

  2. Beautiful faces! I really like the sweet innocence of the encaustic one, I think that peculiar character of wax suits it wonderfully! The acrylics has a total opposite feeling, she is strong and knowing.

  3. Amazing I love them both. Your acrylic piece has such an intense look and the encaustic so sweet.

  4. Wonderful paintings! These paintings affected me very much, most the last. Amaising paintings :-)

  5. Beautiful. What a great portrait in acrylic paint. I totally love it!! Great that I found you through 29 faces!
    xxx Marianne

  6. These are really nice, both of them. I love the bold intensity of the first, contrasting with the gentle softness of the second - in image *and* mood. Very cool!

  7. I love them both. You can always tell the encaustic ones - I love that texture and sheen they have to them but I really like the acrylic one as well - I am a fan of that medium as you know!

  8. Faces with acrylics or faces with wax. Both are naturals for you, Marji. I especially love the last one shown. She has such an innocence and beauty about her. The acrylics weren''t dried up? Wow, they must have been sealed really well. I have some but I'd have to mix the skin tones and would probably run out of the color after half a face. I know next to nothing about acrylics.


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