Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me Vs. Laundry

This message came in my inbox today. 

Life's magic is a lot like a swift flowing river, Marji. No matter how long you've overlooked it or unwittingly swam against it, the instant you stop struggling you're back in the flow, hat down low, coolest cat on the block.

In other words, Marji, your so-called "baggage," ain't no thang.

Coolio -
The Universe
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I also read this blog post that was just what I needed this morning.
Seems to me that I've been struggling against the current and getting a little bit anxious about it.   Point taken.
What I need to remember is that the 8 loads of laundry and the time it took away from other stuff - even though it wasn't on the list - It's a positive accomplishment in the day. 
My baggage - ain't no thang.  I'm feelin it.


  1. All things in their own good time Marji. Just go with it.

  2. If I may borrow that quote and hold it in memory for when I need it much appreciated. Love love love the shadow of the laundry basket...great photo! 8 loads wow...big blessing of a family!


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