Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo Mojo - Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Motion, "Waiting to Click", In Fashion, Animal's Perspective and Many.  

Spring is in the air.  April showers are really coming down.  I am so ready for this soggy start to result in amazing flowers.

•Waiting to Click•
I waited, I tried to get the perfect people shot here.  I so wanted that person to walk slowly along and let me get the perfect photo.  Head over to Kat Sloma's for
 Waiting to Click - Exploring with Camera

•In Fashion•
Anthropolgie - Downtown Seattle.  I'm ready to move in :)

•Animal's Perspective•
The cat and dog are great friends. They hang outside together, the kitty on the window ledge and the dog underneath him.  This is Ming's view from his perch.

So beautiful.

Photo Mojo - Focus 52

My Aunt came for a visit. She didn't visit often, but when she did, she always brought undeniable creative flair.  She decided that it was time for me to give up baby blue and Bambi. There was no questioning her decision, we would paint my bedroom yellow - bright yellow. She orchestrated the entire makeover.  Yellow went on the walls.  We painted my old desk white and the knobs we decorated with orange and yellow flowers. My Dad hung white shelves and a bulletin board over my desk.  My Mom sewed a new duvet cover.  The icing on the cake - the orange shag rug my Dad found at the carpet remnant store.  My Aunt was the coolest.  Yellow was awesome.  I was 12.

I revisited my favorite yellow patch this week.  The texture is worn and aged from the shoes of many patrons.  I love standing there on that island of yellow.  It makes me happy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Visual Art

Ever feel the need for a little creative inspiration?  For me, one of the ways I get myself plugged into the creative energy of the Universe is go to Anthropologie.  When I walk in the door, I just immerse myself in beautiful colorful things.  Their displays are amazing and full of creative brilliance.  The imagination these people have for their artful displays is inspiring to me.  OK, the stuff there is pretty awesome too.  Today I actually met one of these creative minds behind the artful displays.
She was working on her world display.  She was gluing used corks in the shape of the Earth to show sustainability in our world.  We chatted for a while...  I was interested to hear about her job.  Can you imagine being one of the people who makes displays for Anthropologie- how cool is that?!  OK, I'm jealous. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today was the day.  Time to rid the closets of stuff that just frankly doesn't make the cut anymore.

I took two huge bags of gently used clothes to the Goodwill today.  Did I say HUGE?  Amazing really to think that I took that much out, but it still feels like there is a lot left.  Well anyway, the first pass is complete and gone.
I have to admit that it feels so much better when I walk into my closet now.  I kept some things that I shouldn't have kept.  I threw out the old over-used stuff that should have gone a long time ago.  I still have that old pair of jeans with the holes in the knees, that old ratty comfy sweater and that favorite red Dave Mathews tee shirt.  These are things I can't part with right now, but maybe later.
I did it.  I got rid of that sweater that I really don't like.  You know the one... the one I bought for whatever reason (brand, color, it was "in").  It's the one that was my fashion mistake.  The one that really didn't fit my style but I bought it anyway.  The one that I felt guilty about because it was expensive.  I tried to wear it, but it was never right.  Just not me.  It was beautiful, but not me.  It went, today it moved on to find a home with the right person.  And you know what? It feels really good to not have it there hanging in the closet. 
I hope this inspires you to do a little spring cleaning too.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt Sunday again ...  this week:: high key, bedroom, stripes, off in the distance and something tiny

-High Key-

High key me.  I actually really liked this one because I've always wanted to know how to process high key.  I took a couple of you tube tutorials and by no means am an expert, but I look forward to trying it again.


Its a ritual for us - the morning paper, the news on TV and coffee.

Stripy crosswalk

-Off in the Distance-

-Something Tiny-

The eye of the needle

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