Friday, February 27, 2015

Terminal, Giving and The Little Owl

Little Owl
encaustic on Masonite

Yesterday I found out that a good friend of mine has terminal cancer and just a short time to live.  Its all come down very quickly and the shock factor is still lingering.  I went to see her today in hospital empty handed.  What do you take to someone in this spot in life?  I couldn't imagine bringing flowers or magazines or potted plants or balloons.  These are all lovely gifts and we all give what we can and what feels right.  But for me, I only took myself.  Maybe it was enough for today, but I felt that tomorrow must be different.
I came home and I painted.  I had to try and express what I was feeling and what I can give in this dire time.  This little owl will go to hospital tomorrow and watch over my friend.  The owl has great meaning in the totem world plus it is also the symbol for Athena and all her wisdom and strength.  I couldn't think of a better guardian to be on duty during this time. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Encaustic Collagraph with Monotype, Print Making and Fish

encaustic collagraph
I spent my morning in the print studio inking and printing the encaustic collagraph plates that I had prepared in my home studio.  I had my first "yay" moment with encaustic collagraph, today. I've been trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work.  Frankly, I've had a lot of disappointments in the print shop.  I was feeling like the school girl crush had run its course and I was moving on to the next star struck love of my life.  And, then today came together and now I'm back in love with printing making again.    

encaustic collagraph monotype
There were 5 plates involved in these two prints.  One with the lines that are scratched into the plexi glass, two collagraph plates made with wax and two monotype plates that were the background fish.  I tend to be a bit of an eager artist, so print making is a challenge for me.  Slowing down, precision and attention to detail take a lot of concentration for this mere mortal.    

encaustic collagraph with monotype

I had some rooky mistakes and honestly my knowledge of printmaking is so very shallow that I only know enough to be dangerous.  But, I am looking forward to taking the waxed plates back to the print studio and trying another pass at all this with what I learned today.  The good news or the bad news is that I won't be able to make them the same - maybe kind of, but not the same.  That's the joy and adventure of monotype - only one.   Happy Friday everyone!

encaustic collagraph plates ready for ink
and the monotype plates ready to go

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