Thursday, September 25, 2014

Imperfect Perfection, Painting Vegetables and Feeling Figgy

encaustic mixed media 8x10
I was asked to paint some vegetables/fruits.  I personally like fruits and veggies, so the subject matter kind of appealed to me.  Although I honestly had to find a way to paint them in some manner that isn't quite ordinary.  There are a lot of fruit and veg paintings out in the world because they are such a wonderful subject matter and one that we can relate to.  Yet, in my mind, if I'm going to paint a tomato, it has to be an heirloom in all its imperfect perfection.  Or to paint a fig - one that I picked from the tree in its unripe state before I realized that indeed it really wasn't ripe at all and needed more tree time to become its figgy perfection.
As artists, we are very much like the heirloom tomatoes or the unripe figs - we are perfectly imperfect.  Happy Friday everyone! 
The start of something Figgy
encaustic mixed media 8x10
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