Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Messages

Whenever I ride in an elevator I really never look at my fellow passengers.
Nor does anyone really look at me either.
We stand with our faces looking at our feet
or we check our smart phones.
Really..  Anything to avoid eye contact
The elevator doors slide open and we all shuffle out.
Emerging from the underground parking, we hit the main level and go our own way.
 Today, the doors slid open and there stood a woman wih her back
to all of us.
She was admiring the tile wall that faces the bank
of doors.
I've walked by this wall numerous times and never really took pause.
Today I stopped.
I paused.
I was inspired by the obvious joy that she was experiencing.

Little messages
there for the taking.
To brighten a day.
Its good to take pause.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Originally uploaded by Rain City Girl

It sits in my heart
It calms my being
It brings Joy
It soothes
It helps me breathe


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ever met a Chocolate you didn't like?
Me either.
There is something about chocolates that
make for
This painting is for my friend Janice.
She's a Christmas baby give or take a couple of days.
We Christmas babies can easily get overlooked
and all smooshed in
with the holidays.
Not forgotten
Our loved ones remember but ya know - its not the same as having the big fanfare, special day
during the
So, this is for Janice's day -
in celebration of her love of leopard shoes,
fashion and especially
chocolate dogs.
Happy Birthday, my friend.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hope Less. Realize More.

Ever really given this word consideration? 
I'm giving up HOPE - it's a good thing really.
Danielle LaPorte says it so perfectly. 
When you speak of hope - and this word lands out there in the universe.  What does it really say?
"Hope hangs out on the sidelines... just, you know, hoping. While expectation, optimism, and pragmatism are on the field playing the sport of life. Full on."

 I'm banning
from my vocabulary - really. 
Instead of:
 "Gee, I HOPE I can make time for that". 
"I sure HOPE I get this done".
I'm trying to use positive action words - hero words.
"Gee, I want to make time for that, its important to me."
"I will get this done"
Point taken.
Reframe it - rethink it - resay it

"When you move beyond HOPE, you take responsibility" 
So with that said
I am chosing to lose HOPE.
Its not that easy.
I catch myself still hanging on to HOPE.
But really
I'm better off without it.
Read Danielle LaPorte's
HOPE less.  Realize More.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Double exposure fun

its raining
I'm playing with camera aps
Classic TOY2
has a lot of fun things to play with.
Double exposure will take one photo then click a second and put them together in one.
I've played a bit with this before and its fun to see what you end up with. For the photo above I took a pic of my book then of the scenery in front of me.
the Double Eye lens will take two photos also. However, it creates a diptych either horizontally or vertically depending on how you take the shot.
Have some fun and see what you can create

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Happy Note

"Today is Great
Tomorrow is Even Better"
I get these little notes of wholesome positive-ness
on my iPhone
every morning
thanks to Louise Hay
What a way to start the day;

I think of it as a
from the universe.
Sometimes they seem to fit perfectly - like
I was sending some sort of vibe out
there that needed to be commented on.
Sometimes they are just really
nothing but pure happy random-ness.
Either way
it makes me


And that's a pretty fine
way to start
the day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Out with the Girls

yesterday i was out with the girls
we kicked around a flea market
shopped some
cute stores like City People on Sandpoint Way. gee, you want cool stocking stuffers thats the place to go
for sure
lunch, coffee, chat
spending time out with the girls is good for the soul
dont you think?

Saturday, December 10, 2011


What's with the whole list thing anyway?
I have lists for every
I write it down
whatever in the world "it" is.
are my favorites.
Is it because I'm afraid I'll forget?
or, maybe I just like little scraps of paper around
with words on them.
I guess words have to land somewhere - why not on a list?
That way - the intent is there.
It is front and center and begging
in a way
to be
My favorite trick is to write something on the list that
I have just
Then, I get the rush of joy of immediately
Crossing it off.
Just because
it feels good to accomplish something
to be done
and yes,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Encaustic on birch panel

A Christmas Poem From the Dog

Eyeing hydrants, digging holes,

Drinking from the toilet bowls . . .

Playing games of "tug-o'-war,"

Putting scratch marks on your door . . .

Rolling over, playing dead,

Getting dog hair on your bed . . .

Scaring folks who bring the mail,

Chasing cars, as well as tail . . .

Barking, begging, heeling, howling,

And also, on occasion, growling . . .

Romping through a field of grass,

Sneezing, snoozing, passing gas . . .

Sniffing everything I see,

Peeing on the Christmas tree . . .

Woofing, wagging, chomping, chewing . . .

These are things I sure love doing!

(But I'll try not to do that tree thing . . .)

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lunch Date

I have a standing date with my Mom.  We go to out to lunch.  We try for once a week, but sometimes schedules don't mesh and it doesn't work out.  But, we try really hard to never miss.
Yesterday, we hit our favorite bakery in Olympia -
The Bread Peddler

Every morning they make beautiful artisan fresh breads and pastries, soups and sandwiches.

Mom and I ponder all the Delicious choices in the cases.


We were early enough that finding a seat wasn't hard. Its a great place to linger over lunch.

We ordered and chose our seat by the window.  The sun was streaming in and the atmosphere was warm.


We didn't have to wait too long before lunch arrived.

French onion soup for me and a delectable sandwich for Mom.  The bread was crusty goodness and the soup dripping with its cheesy topping. Soul food for the last day of November.

This is the final week for Photo Meditations with Susannah.  This week, we are focusing on telling a story with our photos. 

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