This heART project started one day in my studio.  Just a thought that the world needs a bit more love to share.  As a warm up before getting started on other works in the studio, I began making hearts.  Little paintings that are just 3"x 4".  They allow me to practice mark making, color layering, scraping and any other techniques that I wanted to try.  They have become addictive and I enjoy beginning my day with a little love in mind.  I began gifting them and realized quickly they make a difference as I share my feelings of love and gratitude with another.  Whether it be thank you, happy day, I love you or anything and everything in between. 

The heart is a symbol of love.  By openly sharing love between ourselves, we open the channels and doors to share love on a greater scale.  The simple act of giving a heart and having it hold the symbol of our love, thankfulness, gratefulness.. it opens the flow of love to move more freely in the world. 
By giving the gift of love  through a symbol as simple as a heart, we spread love from ourselves to others.  Love lives deep inside of us and makes up the fibers of our true selves.  By sharing love, we give an extraordinary gift of ourselves to others.  It is an important gift in these times as the world is in need of love.  By sharing love within our families, between friends and even with strangers it starts the energy moving around the world.
By sharing a heart with someone you care about, you are helping to move the power of love in our world - you are making a difference.  The act of sharing your love is strong and true. The gift of love is powerful.  It is an emotion that all people understand.  It strikes at the very core of our being.  Love is powerful and strong.  Say thank you, celebrate, love more, treat yourself, show kindness,  - all of these acts help move us to better the world through the sharing of love. 
Open your heart to one another and share love more freely.  The heart symbolizes not only your heart but that of a collective heart in the world.  The world is in need of great love and by sharing between us on a one to one level, love begins to flow more freely around the world.  By sharing love you help to bring peace and prosperity to the world.  It helps overcome the woes of the world and overrides and erases hatred.  By sharing love, you help the world regain its balance of being a more loving place.

The design of this project is to carry forward.  If you have received a heART and you feel it is ready to move on in the world, by all means give it to another.  The original giver of your heART will be thrilled to know that the love is carrying on. 

For those of you who like to share - please leave a short comment below with an explanation of the love behind your gift of a heART. 

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