I am...
An explorer on the artful journey
Hi - I'm Marji
Art has been a part of my world since the day I was born.  I grew up with it and it is deeply woven into the fabric of me.  I have been drawing, and painting and creating all of my life.  I just have to.  There aren't words to explain the nature of the deep need for me to create with my hands.  Its much like taking a breath, there is no question.

I haven't always been a painter.  I have dabbled with other creative interests along the way.  And, even the times when life has landed me in a spot with no creative outlet, creativity has waited patiently inside. 

My art, at this point in my life,  has taken the form of painting and photography.  Currently, I have landed in the arms of encaustic painting, an old and ancient way of placing pigments on surfaces using a melange of beeswax and demar resin.  Heated to 200F, the wax warms my creative soul as I put brush to surface.
When I sit down and create - its like opening a book.. one without any writing, yet the story is there waiting to be told.  I never really know what will be my subject until I get started.  It begins with layers of wax, plain and colored, textured and smooth.  I let each layer build upon each other until the painting begins to tell its story and an image comes to the surface.  Faces, people, animals, birds -  I don't question what comes - I just paint. 

I created this blog to share my art and tales of life along the artful journey.


  1. Marji...send me your snail mail address and I'll send you another postcard to replace the torn LYA card.

  2. Like your blog. Looked at your art work. I have never heard of this type of painting. Fascinating. I especially liked Yellow Warbler. The background is very interesting.

  3. Hi: I'm trying to replicate your encaustic palette. Do you set it directly on the hotplates? Have you tried a pancake griddle underneath? Thanks!


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