Monday, January 30, 2012

FILM26 - The Letter C

It's time for the letter C over at FILM26.

 I do have letter blocks for each letter, so you will be seeing more of these. 
I spent a day out in the rain with my camera only because it was the day I had to spend on photography.  I went down to the boat docks to see what I could find.

C is for Catch

I was lucky and did have a beautiful day in Seattle to spend on photography.  I hit Gas Works Park to take in the Seattle skyline from the north end of Lake Union.
C is for Conversation

I  also went to Volunteer Park

C is for Conservatory
 Had to take out the Polaroid and see what I could do.
C is for Chrysler

C is for Custom
Frankly, it wouldn't be Seattle if I didn't include this:
C is for Crab

C is for Cheesy Chicken
 Join in the fun over at

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Walk About

Exit Through the Gift Shop
have you seen it?
Its a documentary about street art.
Its an interesting insight into the world of street artists including
I really enjoyed it.
Street art has always fascinated me. There is something about it that seems to resonate with me for some reason.

Its an interesting Art form that is generated in the night.  One day its there and the next it is gone,
covered by someone else's work.
It has a short life span but yet, in some cases,
a lot of work behind it.

On Monday, I spent a day dedicated to photography. 
Three cameras and dog as my companion.  It was a beautiful day.
I didn't set out with the mindset of shooting street art.
I just happened upon it in an area of Seattle called
Capital Hill.
Some are small
 Some are large
 Some are very high on a building
 Many repeat
The lengths that these artists go to for displaying their work. Yet, knowing how short lived it will be, they keep making it - creating.
It will be interesting to revisit this place in a few weeks and see what has changed.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Things have a way of showing up

Good things have a way of showing up.
Sometimes they just land in your lap
and stare you down.
They call out
Hey, you...
Time to rethink, reframe, restart.
Well, this happened to me.

A very good friend of mine asked me to join her for a 5 week class called the
Kathy Abascal of Vashon Island here near Seattle.
Really, I had no idea what it was but, what I did know is that I don't spend enough time with my good friend, so I am in for the classes.  Its my chance to be with my friend.  Sometimes we just need to do that.
The first class was on Sunday January 15.
I had no idea that what I was signing up for was a 5 week diet plan that helps quiet inflammation in the body.  Now, do I need this?  Don't feel like I have many issues that would need such a diet, but I'm on board.
Why not?  ..Really..
The first 3 weeks is called the elimination phase:
There are food ratio components (very simple), eating 5 times a day, no proportion limits (good)
but the biggies are
no wheat, no diary, no sweeteners, no dried corn products, no artificial stuff and...
no alcohol.
I admit totally that I enjoy my wine in the evening.  So, the last one seemed the toughest next to no bread and no yogurt.  Staples for me.
I officially started on Monday
Had to diligently read ingredient labels because it is really eye-opening to see what is in our food.
Has been a little weird to not have wine to wind down.  But, I am rediscovering other things to sip in the evening.
I'm a week into this and finding
that YES, I really do need something like this.
My energy level has gone up huge since starting.  I feel better already and am sleeping better.
I don't have a feel for other benefits yet but I have a feeling they will show themselves.
It seems pretty apparent to me already, that something I eat daily is dragging me down.  I won't know what it is until I move on to week 4 when we start adding things back in and testing for sensitivities.
I'm not pushing the diet here.
I'm just sharing my experience.
Its interesting for me because I feel like I eat pretty well, I exercise, I have a few vices... but we all do.
Its interesting because I am feeling better in just a few days.
I'll keep sharing.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Come a Long Way... Baby

It's been just a little over a year ago that I started Encaustic (Wax) painting.  Its been an interesting road and I have learned so much about the medium.  But, my biggest takeaway for the year is how much I have learned about myself.
I like to pick a word that is my mantra for the year.  Last year, my word was
I was wanting to learn.
I have actually surprised myself with the knowledge I gained in regard to painting:
  1. I've learned I love painting with wax - its magical for me
  2. I am not an abstract painter - not my deal at all
  3. I actually want to paint a painting of something with the wax
  4. I love love painting portraits and figures
  5. I love to work BIG
  6. I love putting words in my paintings - words are inspiring and thought provoking
  7. I love the more POP ART style because it makes it fun

Above is my most recent painting.  She's BIG 24x24. 
Below is where I started its 3x3

I started out with my inner critic running the show.  Howling at me every day.  Telling me that it was really ridiculous that I was trying this at all.  I couldn't paint bigger than 3 inches square.  I was totally petrified of the whole process.  But, there was this little flicker inside that kept me at it.  Kept me trying, kept me learning.  I took some workshops and its a wonder that I could get through them at all.  Afraid to be free and work there, I would just dabble and come home with knowledge in my brain but nothing tangible to show for it.
What I learned is that I can not for my life paint an abstract painting or put together a collage.  The thought of being free and painting swirls and swishes and all that - NOPE, not my deal.  Not at all. 
But, I CAN paint a portrait.  I'm not sure exactly how that came to me.  I saw some portrait work in wax and for whatever reason, I wanted to try it.  No rhyme or reason - but it works - its my deal.  I still have a long way to go and lots to learn.  However, I feel I am on the right track now
So, if your inner critic rules your creativeness - she can be quieted.  She can take a back seat to what it is you are meant to do.  Don't be discouraged.  Kept going whatever direction feels right.  Gain KNOWLEDGE, move forward, practice and think BIG.
Just sayin

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sharing Hawaii - Part 2

Round 2
Fending off winter
at least just for a

Isn't it about now that you want
to book your trip?
Yep, me too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sharing Hawaii

Its snowing like crazy here today in Seattle.
I do love the snow
but as I was browsing my photo library today
I was longing a bit for

We spent 11 days there in December
Just before Christmas.
 Lets face it.
Tropical flowers are captivating
They just beg to be photoed
 And really, I'm a sucker
for photoing flowers.
Can't help myself
 So, today thought I would share
some sunshine and some of the beautiful flora
of Maui.
The smells, textures and colors
never cease to amaze me when I am there
on the islands. 
 I really have no idea what some of these beauties
are called.  Yet, it really doesn't matter.
 A little visual stimulation of tropical flowers
seems to take the bite out of winter just
for a moment.
Happy January Wednesday!

Monday, January 16, 2012

FILM26 - The Letter B

Moving on to letter B
January 16 - January 29

B is for Bone

 Bridge and Boats
 Bridge with a little double exposure fun
And a Random double exposure B 
Come play along at FILM26
it's fun
you are invited

Thursday, January 12, 2012

FILM26 - the letter A

 Sometimes things don't work out as expected. 
Sometimes things that should be fairly easy become hard.
Sometimes there are setbacks.
Sometimes the easy way is to give up and stop.
Yet, I find if I persevere and slog though it
that really good things can come from what seemed so difficult.
My letter A for FILM26
had bundle of troubles - more than I could have imagined.
Yet, I'm pleased with what came.

 What came was a whole lot of accidental goodness.
A whole roll of double exposure and a roll of some good, some not so good.

 I love the double exposure stuff...really love it.
But, I will tell you I didn't love getting there.
The roll I loaded wrong so I had no photos, the roll I thought I loaded wrong so I re-shot it.
The day I was really unhappy and took a whole roll of stupid stuff just to burn through the roll.  When I learned that Costco does not process TMAX.  The guy where they sent me to get it developed - didn't like him.  He made me feel stupid for shooting film.  I took my film and left.  Will leave it at that - still mad at that guy.

The next day took a turn for the better.
Found the nice people to process TMAX.  The smile on my face when I opened the package of the accidental double exposure prints.

Film has its challenges for sure. 
I'm learning.  Its all good now.  The next roll will go much more smoothly now that I know the ropes.
I really do love this project.
The idea behind it is to become a more mindful photographer.
Its working so far.
I'm happy with what developed from the first letter.
Yes, it had its setbacks and super grumpy moments.
I can't wait to get started on letter B.

And a found A
just for fun.

Play along with us at FILM26

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