Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspriation Today, Studio Happenings and Work in Progress 153

Working on a flock of birds to make their way into the world
encaustic on birch panels
Here's what's going on in the studio and what I am finding inspiring today:
  1. Painting birds is fun again.  I'm working on a flock of birds that I see on my walk through the nature preserve near the University of Washington in Seattle.  I saw many of my birdie subjects in person and listened to their lovely songs.  It was a glorious sunny day and honestly, it doesn't get much better.... unless I was walking on the beach :) . 
  2. Liberate your Art postcard swap hosted by Kat Sloma over at Kat Eye Studio.  I send 5 cards and I get five cards from other artists from across the globe.  Here's my first few:  
    By Anthony Leggins

    By D.L. Correa
    by Dirty Dogs Studio

  3. The dog portraits by Ian Healy over at Paint the Dog - love these and the way he captures the essence in each of his subjects.  I also love his colors and the composition of these incredible paintings.
  4. A super sweet note from a friend - all it said was - I'm thinking of you and I will write more later.  xo
  5. The street art of Levalet of Paris is over the top creative.  Here's a teaser and you can enjoy more here.  It really makes me want to go back to Paris to see these in person. *like I need an excuse to go back to Paris....

street art in paris by levalet (26)
Street art by Charles Leval a.k.a. Levalet
What are you finding inspiring today?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Encaustic Painting and Art, Beating the Saboteur, and Sparrow Song

Sparrow Song
encaustic on birch 6x6
There's so much going on it makes my head spin.  Yet, I know there is peace found in art and dropping into the zone of creativity.  The problem is carving out the time in between all the other things that make up the wonderful froth of life. 

The "do" list is long, yet slowly the items are scratched off even though there is no end to that list.   Today my day was eaten up entirely with errands and flat tires, and returns, drop offs and pick ups - the bank, the grocery store, the dry cleaners - its endless. I decided to write off today as a "get it done" day so tomorrow is  mine or at least partially mine.  Sometimes I find it hard to get past the "do" list and on to my own time - yet there is that nagging voice inside that says - get it done so tomorrow is free.  Yet, tomorrow never seems to be free.  Its that nasty self saboteur at work again. That is the part of us that keeps us from spending our time as we really need to be doing rather than what we probably should be doing. There is always the "do" list of life, it will always be so.  Excuses, excuses - is there really anything that is so important to keep us from pursuing our creative outlet - the thing that keeps us balanced and at our best?  Yes, in some cases - but for the most part... NO, these things are just distractions that can be managed in a way that allows us our own time also.  Its time to tell Father Time to take a break and the Saboteur to take a hike and let's get on with what we really need "to do" - our art, our dreams, our purpose.  Carve time, make time and make your art.
Happy Friday everyone!

I'm sharing studio happenings and inspirations on Tuesdays - if you missed this week, you can see it here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspiration Today, Studio Happenings, and Work In Progress: 152

House Finch
encaustic 6x6
Here's what's happening in the studio and things I'm finding inspiring today
  1. I think the artwork by Carol Hagan is really beautiful.  She is a master at capturing the essence of her subjects.  Her oil and cold wax horse paintings, I find magical.  I also love, that she paints the eyes first because they define the painting for her - you can see a you tube interview here
  2. This yummy quick way to cook halibut just when making dinner has gotten really boring and such a chore. 
  3. Revisiting this video for creative inspiration 
  4. Getting together with friends and just talking about whatever.
  5. Late afternoon walks when the light is just right and the colors are beautiful.

    What are you finding inspiring today?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cold Wax and Oil Painting, Childhood Memories in Art, and Ocean Perch

Under the Deep Blue Sea
oil and wax on paper 9x12

My husband walked into my studio and said - "It smells different in here".  He's right, the smell of hot wax is absent and the smell of oil paint has taken over.  I'm finding myself drawn to painting with this new medium more and more.  I'm less inclined to be warming up the encaustic wax, yet I still do.  I'm finding being a beginner is fun and at every turn there is something new.  I'm also finding abstract difficult, so I had to take a little break from it and paint something more tangible - i.e. fish.
I've been wondering why I've been so compelled to paint fish lately and specifically ocean perch.  Other than they are fun for me because I love the texture and color.   Yet, I was still pondering the connection and why.  Then it came to me - I have very fond childhood memories of surf fishing with my Dad.  It was one of the perks of growing up at the beach on the pacific coast and being able to live off the bounty of the ocean.  We would spend many a summer day, wading out into the waves and throwing in a line.  The catch of the day was usually ocean perch as they were plentiful and really loved our bait of razor clams.  It was such a thrill to feel that tug on the line and reel in a silver flapping fish to bring home for dinner. This is my connection, and I have to say it makes me smile every time I look at my fish paintings.  Do you find fond childhood memories that come through in your art?

Also, I'm starting and Inspiration Today post on Tuesdays.  I'm sharing what's in progress in the studio and what I am finding inspiring.  The first of the series was this past Tuesday. 

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Inspiration Today, What's Happening in the Studio and Work in Progress: 151

Detail of Work in Progress
oil and wax
Here's what's happening in the studio and the things that are inspiring me today.
  1. I have a new Pandora station that I love - Iron and Wine Radio - and Sam Beam is also a painter :)
  2. I'm doing more abstract painting and delving a little deeper into using oil and cold wax medium.  I'm finding aerial landscapes and satellite images with their shapes and patterns are really inspiring.
  3. I think a tube wringer is worth the price in that you get every last drop out of a tube of paint.
  4. Thanks to my friend Ingrid, she turned me on to this amazing blog showing stunning beauty in nature, its simplicity, color and texture.
  5. Deepak and Oprah have just started a new free 21 Day Meditation series.
What is inspiring you today?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, Paint Party Friday, Self Portrait

Happy Birthday PPF!  In celebration of 4 years, we are asked to show our faces in the form of a self portrait and celebrate together this happy birth day.  Thank you to Eva and Kristin for four years of hosting a place where artists can share and come together every week.  Its an incredible group that over the past few years, we have continuously given support and love and most importantly, shared art.  Its been so enlightening to see my fellow artists blossom, move through styles, and grow in leaps and bounds.  We've walked together along the artful journey and I have to say I have met some of my very favorite people in the world through this weekly gathering.  Thank you everyone, I am grateful to be part of this tribe.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thoughts Become Things, Rescue Dog, and Wesley

Red Dog, Red Ball
encaustic on birch 8x10

I am a firm believer in "thoughts become things" or putting a thought, an idea, a wish, a dream, whatever - putting it out there - in the Universe - asking.  To me, by doing this, its like tossing a pebble into the water and causing a ripple.  A little tiny ripple which carries my thought on it across the fabric of the Universe - out there - to be answered and returned back to me when the time is right and the answer is just what I need at that very moment. 
We've been wanting a dog.  Its been close to a year since we lost our sweet dog to old age.  We were ready even though it means giving up a bit of freedom and spontaneity.  So, I did just this very thing.  I painted the painting of the red dog about a month ago.  I tossed my tiny pebble into the waters of the Universe and asked that a dog would come to us.  The right dog, the one we've been waiting for and is looking for us, the one not to replace the dogs I've had but to add to their history and compliment our family.
Unplanned, unready, bad timing... Here's Wesley - a half basset hound, half lab 1 1/2 years old surrendered to the Oregon Humane Society because his owner died and the people who ended up with him and his identical brother couldn't keep them.  We took Wes and another family went home with his brother just one day after being in the shelter.  Call it good timing, good fortune, call it what you like - but my little ripple was returned to me in a 50 lb package of pure love and snuggles.
I'm actually quite amazed at how closely he resembles my painting.  I missed the white toes and white on his chest but you have to admit its a bit uncanny (or not).

Happy Friday everyone!  Hit the button and join the party -

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