Thursday, May 29, 2014

JUNE: Go Big or Go Home

encaustic mixed media on birch panel 6" x 6" x 1.5"

June:  Go Big or Go Home

I've been quiet here for quite some time.  It really hasn't been the intent - but it is just so.  The reason being is that I have had nose to grind stone and have been painting away spending every moment I can in the studio.  I start in on Monday and then the next thing I know is that it is Friday and I haven't done a blog update, housework, or laundry... and all of a sudden its the weekend - then Monday again, and so it starts over.  So here's the story... Just 6 more sleeps and its my big solo show for June, opening on June 5 at Garden Essentia.

In addition to my new works, which are a combination of collage and encaustic (encausticollages), I decided that I needed something big - something epic for this show - something unlike the usual for me.  I got a grand idea, and for me - its big and epic..  The amazing part is that when I decided to do it, I just knew that I could pull it off and I would complete it in time without any fuss.  OK, well, fuss but in a controlled and manageable way :) 

The title of this epic project is "June".   It's 30 panels in the shape and theme of June on the calendar.  Its all about the things of June, or at least, June as I see it where I am in the world.  I've been blending encaustic and collage, working them together to create this project.  Its been a challenge and a pleasure, fun, demanding and enlightening.  30 - 8x10 panels that carry a theme in look, color and subject.  I will be sharing them each day from June 1 - June 30 here and also on Facebook.  Please join me in following along with June. 
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