Thursday, September 24, 2015

Encaustic Painting, Fish and Captain

detail encaustic mixed media on birch 6 x 24

There is something about encaustic painting and fish that just really go together for me.  The textures and the colors are incredible fun.  I'm still working the concept of bigger through modular, diptych or triptych.  This painting actually started with the center piece.  I was demoing to a friend and showing her how texture and mark making work in encaustic.  The panel just looked like it needed to be part of a fish and the rest came together from other 1/2 started panels on my work table. 

encaustic mixed media on birch
triptych 6 x 24

Sometimes images come together quickly and sometimes they seem to take eternity to present themselves upon the surface.  Captain here was a quick one once he got under way.  Thankfully, because we all need victories in the studio to keep the wind in our sails.  A few finishing touches yet to go, so Captain sits on my mantel where I can see him every time I pass by.  The small little nuances will come to mind,  a mark here a line there, a little more yellow, a little less yellow... we'll see.  But he's a keeper.
A happy first weekend of fall/spring to everyone! 
Oh and a Question for you all - do you think fish have that little dot of reflected light in their eye? 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mod, Encaustic Painting, Combining Flavors

encaustic mixed media on birch 16 x 19
Modular painting seems to be catching my fancy these days.  I love combining the flavors of encaustic painting, ink drawing, printing, and both abstract and representational art.  The mixed bunch tells a nice story.  These individual paintings are glued together to create one large story panel.  While I like the random size, I'm also working on some that fit together into a regular rectangle.  I am finding the mix and match aspect of working a modular painting is really fun and giving a fresh feeling to the paintings.  Problem is, now I have lots and lots of mix and match pieces on my work table - now the trick is finding the combinations that work together. 
Happy Friday everyone! 
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