Thursday, September 30, 2010


Have you ever looked at a list of your old addresses? The places that you called home. For me, they are as follows starting from present:

  1. House in Seattle
  2. Harbour Pointe House
  3. Helena House
  4. House in Riviera
  5. Highland Blvd. House
  6. House in Abcoude
  7. Rockwood Blvd. House
  8. House on 27th
  9. House in Chung Hom Kok
  10. House on 17th

10 houses in 25 years. That means every 2.5 years I move. However, I can look at this list and feel that every single house has been home. Why is that? That I can feel that I can call each one of these totally uniquely different houses - HOME

I've decided its because (as cliche as it sounds) home is where the heart is. Or at least I honestly believe that it starts in the heart. There is a certain vibe and essance that grows from the heart in regard to a home. Comfort, cozy, love, happiness - all these warm fuzzy words that we use to describe home, start in the heart. From there they grow into the space and environment in which we are living. This vibe and essence is what creates home. The house in which we invite friends and family into is where others can feel what is in our hearts. We create home from the heart. This is what I believe.

What does HOME mean to you?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sunday Creative word prompt - Nothing

The sun warmed her skin. The waves lapped upon the beach. The sand felt damp and cool beneath her feet. She strolled along the seaside letting every moment seep into her soul. The breeze was warm and carried the fragrance of plumaria. She loved the islands. It was like Heaven to be walking the beach. "Why did I wait so long to come here?", she thought. This vacation was long over due. She made her way up the beachside stairs and walked across the grass to the cabana on the bluff. The view of the ocean before her was breath-taking. The curtains of the cabana swayed in the gentle breeze. She was met by a handsome cabana boy who offered her a cold drink. She settled into the striped towel on the lounge facing the ocean. Closing her eyes, she swirled the straw in her glass and took a deep refreshing sip. She breathed a gentle sigh and thought "This is like a dream".

"Hey, what are you thinking?" he said.. "You seem so far away". She was jolted by his voice. Her eyes darted around the conference table at the others in the room. "Oh, Nothing... " she said with a smile.

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Humble Pie or...

Chop Suey and Dancing?

Yesterday I made an observation. I was playing golf with a woman that I am excited to get to know. She has just recently given up a high powered CFO job in a large company. I don't know the full story of her leaving, but it really doesn't matter. The remarkable thing about her is that she isn't afraid to brag a little. Not a lot, but she is vocal about her accomplishements and her intentions. She is not afraid to say - Hey, I did this great thing yesterday. It isn't in a braggart kind of way, just a little toot of the horn. Done in a way that we all feel comfortable with and can cheer her success. The key here is that she is not afraid.

I've always chosen the Humble Pie approach. I have always chosen not tooting my own horn, not sharing my accomplishments. I've decided its time for a change. Now...I'm not going to the opposite extreme to braggart. No one likes a braggart. However, I do think it is healthy to share accomplishments no matter how small they seem. A little toot of the horn. Try it, see how it feels. Say it out loud even if its to the dog. Choose Chop Suey and Dancing.

What would you like to brag about today? Start here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

More Inspiration

I went to a working black smith - an open studio tour. A working black smith is like supersized jewelry making. I was like a kid in a candy store - giant hammering things, rolling mills, cutters, tons of metal everywhere...

I used to make jewelry. It seems so long ago - but really only about 5 years ago. I gave it up to move on to a blossoming business venture. What I didn't realize at the time, was that when I gave up making jewelry, I gave up the artist in me. I gave up my creative outlet. I packed up my studio into boxes and basically shut the door on my creative self.

I really had no idea what impact this would have on me. Its only recently that I have realized how this decision to remove the creative outlet in my life effected every aspect of me... happiness, health, well being - all of it. I look back now and I see how I was withering away, becoming a shadow of my former self but not realizing the cause for all this inner turmoil and unhappiness.

Now I understand. For me, life without creativity is really not a way I can live. At the beginning of this year, a creative lifeline was thrown to me and thank goodness I had the sense to grab on. The life and air is coming back into my world and thankfully I'm getting my creative self back on track. It hasn't been an easy journey, but one I am so greatful to be on. The change in me is remarkable, at least I think so.

I don't think I will go back to making jewelry. I feel like now the canvas is white and blank. A blank canvas can be overwhelming or it can be an opportunity. I'm choosing the opportunity option. I am choosing to use this creative flame inside of me to try some new things. I am seeing this as a new beginning, a fresh start. An opportunity for me once again to say - I am an artist.


I went on an open studio tour over the weekend. I was looking to be inspired. Honestly, I really didn't care who or what I came across. I was just looking to be around art and hopefully find things, people and works of art that inspired me.

This is the work of Kathe Fraga. The photos do her artwork no justice what-so-ever. OH MY.. I want one so badly. Her work is called "French Wallpaper Series" - inspired by the old handpainted timeworn silk wallpapers she found in French maisons. I visited the Museo gallery in Langley on Whidbey Island and found her work there. She is a local Seattle artist located on Bainbridge Island.

You can see more of her work here -

I've always loved glass. Not something I think I will ever try, but I am so amazed and inspired by glass. The kilns - hot and molten, the colors, the shaping, the constant movement and working of the glass before it solidifies. By pure chance, I came across this studio which was open for the tour. A huge space that they could open garage doors on three sides of the studio to make it open to the outside. It was an awesome place to work and be inspired.

I left the island on the 5:30 ferry. What a day. Filled with art, good food, sunshine and breeze. Couldn't get better than that! Actually it was better than that... all this was shared with my Mom as she accompanied me on this artistic adventure.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sunday Creative Word Prompt - Abundance
She picked up the tote and slung it over her shoulder. She headed out the door into the sunshine and crisp air. "I'll be back soon" she said as she locked the door behind her. There was a look of concern on the face behind the tall glass window beside the door.
Fall was definately in the air and the breeze had a slight icy bite to it. The shadows were getting longer as she walked down the sidewalk. The tote was getting heavy and the strap was beginning to dig into her shoulder. She walked a little faster even though the sunlight and fresh air was begging her to linger a little longer. "Just a few more blocks and I'll be there", she thought as she shifted the heavy tote from one shoulder to the other.
The white picket gate swung easily open. She entered the small tidy yard with the last of summer's blooms greeting her. The door bell sounded its familar song. She was greeted with hugs and kisses as she entered the quaint bungalo house. "I thought you would like these - we have such an abundance", she said as she placed the heavy tote on the kitchen counter.

Monday, September 20, 2010

20 September

Mornings are my favorite. It is really "my time". I have to share it a bit, just for a while... then its my own. I write in my journal and I sit quietly and relax before the day really begins. Then... off and running.

Today I had an awesome synchronicity experience. I don't know if you believe in that or not. I was thinking of joining a class - a pilates class. One of my latest thoughts has been that I really need to gain some core strength back and no time better than the present to get started. No more excuses - just get signed up and go.

So I had gotten as far as looking into it. What studio do I attend? I had found one that looked good, was fairly close and somewhat affordable. I even actually was in the process of roping a friend in to joining me for the classes. But, that's all the farther I had gotten - a little stalled, but good intentions.

This morning, an email was waiting for me from Groupon - which is a daily coupon for a reduced rate at a local business - a special offer that is only available today only and for a short amount of time and in limited quantity. There it was - $49 for a 7 week session for intro Pilates at the studio I was looking at considering. I signed up myself and my friend. I had sent my intention out into the universe and it was answered.
What's your synchronicity experience?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 September

"Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will" ~ Mahatma Gandi

Ever really thought about the foundation that our inner strength is built upon? This little leaf I found in the garden really spoke to me about strength. It was supple yet fragile. I could bend it, flatten it, twist it and it always came back to form. Its outer skin was gone and it was a look inside. Its structure was beautiful, the fiber on which a leaf is built. It made me think about how strong inner strength really is ~ an indomitable will.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunday Creative word prompt - Comfort

Her key jiggled in the lock. She turned the knob and the door opened. As she entered, she was greeted with wiggles and flurry. The overflowing joy of her return was obivious. After a busy day, she was ready for a little quiet time. She laid down her purse and set her keys on the counter. She felt the light rub of fur against her leg. She leaned down and gave a rewarding scratch on the head to her long time companion. "I am happy to see you too" she said.

After a few minutes, the water came to a boil and the sound of the tea kettle's whistle filled the kitchen. She poured the water carefully over the tea leaves which immediately released the soft aroma. She could feel the steam on her face as she took in the fresh scent of the green tea. She settled into the couch and gently thumbed the pages of her book. The familiar warm body curled next to her feet. As reached she for her tea, the feeling of comfort settled in and she began to relax a little deeper into the cushions.

Friday, September 10, 2010

10 September

Buddha winks.
This little buddha sits on my bathroom window sill. I love the calm nature of its face and the enigmatic smile. Its not a religious icon for me, just a pleasant reminder to find peace in the present and focus on the moment.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 September

I've been preparing for guests tonight. As I'm dusting, shining, washing, etc. I'm wondering why I don't do this more? Entertain, why have I fallen away from such a joyful thing? Having friends round for dinner, snacks, a glass of wine - whatever it might be - is really a joy. Fillng the house with laughter, conversation and companionship is one of those things that is priceless.

I really don't bake much either. Its just the two of us, and quite frankly, I'm the only one that will eat all the stuff. My husband has huge willpower and can easily pass up on the goodies. Although, in a weak moment, I have seen him indulge :) These past two days I have spent more time baking than in forever it seems. It really is fun to pull out the mixer, the receipes, and whip butter and sugar into fine fluffiness. The upside down cake shifted from pineapple to apple and you know - it turned out beautifully! The house looks great, the food is prepared, the dishes are out. I'm feeling pretty good about things.

Do you like to entertain?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8 September

Because I felt like it ;-)
Tomorrow is actually the first book club meeting of the season.... and I am hosting. I signed up in June. We read a book by Bill Bryson "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid". It's based on some very funny memories of his childhood during the 50's in the Mid West. He's older than me, but there were so many things that made me chuckle and laugh out loud. So many things that carried over will into the 60's. What an amazing time in this world to be a kid.
I was thinking as I was licking my fingers and enjoying one too many raw cookies, these have raw eggs in the dough. As kids we grew up with stuff like that and it never occured to us the dangers of eating raw cookie dough - only the pure JOY of licking the beaters. Times have changed.
The eats at the gathering tomorrow are to be themed on the book that we discuss. So, naturally 1950's fare is my theme. We'll be having potato chips with Lipton's onion soup mix dip (this was my Mom's contribution to my menu), relish tray, cheese cubes with tooth picks, some crackers and other miscellaneous finger foods. For dessert - toll house cookies and quintessence of the 1950's - the pineapple upside down cake.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sunday Creative word prompt - Timeworn
A faint musty smell floated on the air as she ascended the stairs. Gently she let her hand brush against the wall. She remembered there was a light switch at the top of the stairs. As she reached the top, she decided to pause for a moment in the dark. Childhood memories flooded in as she closed her eyes.
The switch was there as she remembered and the single light bulb illuminated the attic space. The ceiling was low and she could not fully stand as she made her way towards the only window. The glass was dirty with age and just enough light entered to show the dust particles floating on the air. There in the far corner rested the timeworn suitcase of her grandmother. She gently lifted it from where it had sat all these years. She carried it nearer the light where she could better see. As she pressed the knobs, the latches sprung open to reveal the neatly arranged contents. "Ah, there it is" she said as she lifted the bundle from within.

Monday, September 6, 2010

September 4/5

bee balm
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I love long weekends. The one extra day is kind of magical. Sunday evening is like Saturday night. You can stay up late and linger a little longer. Monday morning comes with no alarms to bring you from slumber. Monday becomes an extent ion of the weekend. One more day for fun. It's nice. Happy Labor Day.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4

I have just spent a wonderful two days with my neice and sister-in-law. I am so sorry to say that over the years we all have neglected to pursue and establish a relationship with each other. My neice is now 20 and back from studying language for two years in China. She is all grown up. Where did the years go?

I am greatful for this opportunity that we all can accept this relationship now after so many years. There are reasons we all have come together again. Its as if now is our time. They are both remarkable people and they are my family.

Why did we wait so long? There really is no one at fault here, no one to blame, no guilt... its how it was meant to be. I accept that. I'm just so happy to reconnect with my family. It means more than words can ever say. Are you connected to your family? If yes, cherish the love and relationship. If not... what are you waiting for?

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Welcome, September

I think September is one of my favorite monthes

Its hard to believe its here already. The older I get the faster the year flies by. Or is it because

time flies when you are having fun
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