Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Tracey

Sometimes - there are no words.  They catch in your throat in a big lump and they just can't form themselves into what you are feeling.  There is a wish deep inside that there is a way to express the emotion that is welling up.  Sometimes, I think there really is no way to express what it is you want to say - and that's OK too.  Because sometimes, all you need to do is just be there, present and engaged.  Today I learned that my wonderful blogger friend Tracey Fletcher King has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Even though we are 1/2 a world apart - she in Australia and me in Seattle - this news hits very close to home.  Its sets us all on a new path - one of support for her new journey.  
Sending her great love, strength and healing - and also the knowledge that even though we are separated by oceans, mountains and continents - that we are behind her, there supporting her, present and engaged. 

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