Thursday, April 28, 2016

Encaustic Painting with Shellac, Half Time, and Helio

Encaustic Mixed Media on birch 8x6
I've realized that it appears I've gone quiet.  I'm so busy painting as much as I can these days, that yes, in a way I have gone quiet.  My time where I have my studio is cut in half and then that time is cut in half again... so it means, that when I can paint - I hunker down and paint as much as possible.  But, even with shorter studio time, I have incorporated some very interesting new techniques that take some consideration and practice to find my way.  I'm finally beginning to show a little of what I am doing with encaustic painting, shellac and alcohol inks. 
I spent an incredible day in the studio of Alicia Tormey here in Seattle.  She is amazing and her techniques for shellac and alcohol ink with encaustic painting are incredible. I'm still digesting everything shellac that I learned from her late in February. 
I have committed to doing a solo show for the month of September.  I'm already painting for it and squirreling away a lot of surprises for it.  But, I am letting a few things out.. just to create some interest.
Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. So funny I was thinking about you so hard today...wondering where the heck you were. I was planning to look you up to see if I had missed any postings,...and a few hours later I find you on my side bar....such a treat! So lovely to see your beautiful work and know that you are well! Can't wait to see what you have planned for these shows. Of course that will be way down the road..but still it will be fun! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tidbit! Happy paintings!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Beautiful work, good to see you around again. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. LOVE LOVE this - the effect in the sunflower seed area. And those leaves. Great to see you here!

  4. oh what wonderful news you have Marji! I have missed seeing you around but understand. Beautiful chickadee art!!

  5. Beautiful sweet painting.
    Happy weekend ♥

  6. Loving that encaustic work! I've tried it before, but I always seem to get to many layers. I might just try it again soon. I'm so inspired by your wonderful art
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    MiSchra ♥ #25 this week on PPF

  7. Sooooo good to see you!! I know you are creating magic in your studio... can't wait to see more. But quiet is fine. We'll patiently wait, for it's worth the wait to see what you create. Thanks for giving us a tease and a hallo:-)

  8. Roll on September so we can see all of the new work looking amazing!!!! Not that I am wishing your summer away or anything... I am just living the new stuff!

  9. Love the detail on the sunflower. Great work.

  10. I've missed you Marji - it seems you've disappeared from PPF altogether! Congratulations on the solo show - that's brilliant and I look forward to seeing all that you've been working on then. x


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